Mass Militia Regiment
14th Virginia Massachusetts Militia Regiment
S05e07 60
Commanders Katie Marshall (formerly)
Tom Mason
Daniel Weaver
Status Active
Current Location Norfolk
Strength Four dozen strong
Fighters Four dozen
Civilians None

The 14th Virginia is a resistance group located at a naval base in Norfolk, with four dozen soldiers located inside of all different ranks.


Katie Marshall stationed in the naval base during the second year and began to fight back as the Espheni attacked. The naval and army forces in the base originally stationed were all wiped out during the initial attack. The base is four dozen strong, with many different military and naval soldiers stationed inside. The base has water on three sides, and the only entrance well fortified with good line of sight. The base has running motorbikes for scouts, and armored Humvee's with Browning M2s which shoot 500 rounds a minute. Soldiers are camouflaged outside the base to capture human collaborators or aliens, and have trip wire all over the perimeter.

The soldiers has been hunting human collaborators, more than fighting the Espheni. Pvt. Grey however mentions capturing an Overlord and cutting it open for testing.

After Marshall decides to execute Tom, Ben, Hal and Anne Mason as traitors, her men realize they've gone too far and their mission has turned into a witch hunt. They hesitate to open fire, allowing Tom Mason time to return with reinforcements and capture the 14th Virginia's base. The 14th Virginia offers no resistance except for Zak Kagel who is killed by Isabella and Marshall who, as she's killed by Weaver, is revealed to actually be an Espheni clone who was using the 14th Virginia to hunt down potential enemies of the Espheni. Following the death of their leader, Tom Mason is able to convince them to join with the 2nd Mass in fighting the Espheni and the 2nd Mass moves into their base. The 14th Virginia joins the 2nd Mass in repelling an attack by John Pope on the base and helps in organizing the final assault. When the battle happens, most of the 14th Virginia attacks Washington's defensive wall with the other militias as a distraction while a strike team, guided by Lieutenant Demarcus Wolf sneaks its way through Washington's service tunnels to reach the Espheni Queen, kill her and end the invasion. The strike succeeds and the queen is killed by Tom Mason and the Espheni wiped out.

14th SoldiersEdit


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