Mass Militia Regiment
1st Continental Army Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Blair-Soldier (2)
Commanders Marina Peralta - Current President
Tom Mason - Former President
Status Disbanded
Current Location Annihilated, formerly Charleston, South Carolina
Strength Around 200 (13 months after invasion)
Annihilated (Season 4)
Fighters Unknown
Civilians Unknown

The 1st Continental Army is the national resistance force in the United States fighting against the Overlords.


In Charleston, South Carolina, the United States population began rebuilding the country, uniting their resistance groups from all over the country. These united groups formed the 1st Continental Army. More members were recently added when the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston. However, the 2nd Mass eventually decided to remain a separate force, still fighting alongside the 1st.

In Season 3, the 1st continued fighting along with the 2nd. However, the numbers of the 1st went down as many soldiers were killed in a Espheni attack, and later killed when Lourdes Delgado planted a bomb underground, that crushed many soldiers.

When the Charleston citizens and 2nd Mass were forced from their camp, it is unknown what happened to the 1st, as no soldiers are seen leaving the camp. If they indeed left with the 2nd, it is most certain that near all to most the soldiers in the 1st were killed or captured, when the Espheni started creating ghetto camps and placing down Obelisks. The 1st's status continues to be unknown, and Porter's fate is unknown. Presumably they were destroyed as they were not seen again and the 2nd Mass was on their own until they formed the Global Resistance in season 5.


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