Mass Militia Regiment
1st NIX Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Commanders Col. Johnathan Matrix
Status Operating
Current Location Tucson, Arizona
Strength Strong
Fighters High

The 1st NIX is a Global Resistance cell operating in Tucson, Arizona.


The 1st NIX was formed in the wake of the Battle of Phoenix. After the destruction of Phoenix the survivors fled into the mountains and began to rebuild. 18 months later, they located and destroyed an alien outpost, suffering minimal casualties. They were able scavenge additional supplies, including a vehicle. Unfortunately, a large amount of ammunition was used up during the battle. They moved for the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, located 5 clicks outside of Tucson, hoping to re-stock their ammunition.

The 1st NIX is indirectly mentioned by Cochise, mentioning that Tucson, Arizona has one of the strongest militia groups currently in the world, along with Capetown.

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