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Mass Militia Regiment
7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment
7th Mass
Commanders Lt. Terry Clayton

2nd Com- Mr. Greene

Status Disbanded
Current Location The Sanctuary (Last Location)
Strength 300+ (Before attack)

20 (After Attack)

Fighters 200 (Before Attack

8 (After Attack)

Civilians 100+ (Before Attack)

12 (After Attack)

The 7th Massachusetts Militia Regiment was one of the twelve regiments of the Massachusetts Militia under the command of Colonel Porter. After the loss of Boston to the enemy, Porter decided to have all militia units split and retreat from the town before returning and regrouping to have revenge. The 7th Mass was commanded by Terry Clayton.

During the retreat, the skitters hit the 7th hard. Almost the entire unit was destroyed and the survivors ran from the skitters, losing one of their children, Megan, in the process. After Megan's capture, the skitters returned to the 7th Mass and offered a deal: if they gave them children they would leave them alone. Clayton accepted the deal and began capturing kids for the skitters.

When John Pope was captured by Clayton, he told him about the 2nd Mass's children and Clayton set a trap for them by claiming that skitters were coming their way and that Porter wanted the children safely put away. Weaver accepted after a skitter and Mech attacked but Mike Thompson later discovered Clayton's treachery and evacuated the kids, losing his life in the process. Hal Mason managed to keep them out of Clayton's hands but they were soon cornered and, although both Pope and Tom Mason came to their aid, Tom allowed himself to be captured along with the kids. Back at the farm house in which the 7th had established its HQ, Weaver and the 2nd Mass were waiting for them and killed two fighters, including Clayton when he tried to shoot Hal. Weaver agreed to let the others go but told them that if he ever heard that they had negotiated with the skitter, he'd kill every last one of them.


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