Falling Skies
Chapter A Boy Without Toys
Falling Skies
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A Boy Without Toys is a brief story consisting of eight pages, featuring the story of a young survivor Jeremias and his pet Zeca as they survive in the center of Brazil, Sao Paulo during the invasion.



Jeremias is a homeless kid living in Brazil with his pet dog Zeca. Jeremias lived day to day stealing food to eat and begging. When the invasion began, Jeremias's friends were either killed or harnessed. Jeremias thought of life being not so different and lived in a library reading books. After Jeremia finds a toy store with a rocket showcased, Jeremias stares at it however a skitter showed up to capture Jeremias but Zeca barks out alerting Jeremias causing him to flee down an alley. Jeremias is trapped in the alley however Zeca opens the drain and they both jump down. Down in the drain Jeremiah finds a life-sized rocket, in reality is a beamer.



  • Some of Jeremia's friends.


Scirpt and Art:

  • Danilo Beyruth


  • Chris Peter


  • Steven Finch

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