Acton Armory

The Acton Armory is an armory located somewhere in Acton, Massachusetts.


Sometime after leaving Boston, the 2nd Mass was in need of ammunition, they decided to use the nearby armory to get weapons. Captain Weaver sent Tom Mason and a group of fighter to scout the armory for Skitters and Mechs. A Mech was patrolling the armory and was about to kill Nemo when Jimmy attempted to save him, this forced the group to engage the Mech and retreat. The next night they returned and entered the armory. However, Pope's Gang had been waiting for them. Billy Pope shot Click, who managed to shoot Billy in the leg. There was a standoff, Click firing his weapon attracted the nearby Mech, and Tom and his group were captured by Pope. (The Armory)


  • According to the commentary in "The Armory", the exterior shots of the Acton armory was an old water plant in Toronto.
  • Edit: I worked on the show as crew for season 1. In Toronto, The armory exterior shots are actually of an Art Decio building housing a Toronto Hydro substation at Edwin and Ruskin Ave in Toronto, On, Canada or these coordinates.
  • 43.662001,-79.454073.

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