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  Anne Glass
Actor Moon Bloodgood
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Gender Female
Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Origin Boston, MA
Age 38
Occupation Physician/Pediatrician (Pre/Post-Invasion)
Family Lee Glass - Former Husband (Deceased)
Kate Gordon - Aunt (Deceased)
Scott - Uncle (Deceased)
Sam Glass - Son (Deceased)
Alexis Glass-Mason - Hybrid Daughter (Deceased)
Tom Mason - Current husband
Hal Mason - Stepson
Ben Mason - Stepson
Matt Mason - Stepson
First Appearance Live and Learn
Status Alive
Every weapon has a weakness. I just found your Kryptonite.
— Anne, Shoot the Moon

Anne Yangsun Glass, is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons. Anne was a Pediatrician before the invasion, when she joined up with the resistance she was made into the main medical doctor for the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. She is currently Tom Mason's wife and the mother of their hybrid daughter Alexis Glass-Mason.



Anne is a pediatrician who lost her only child in the initial attack, a tragedy she has yet to face fully. She pours herself into her work as a doctor for the 2nd Mass, doing what she can to help the survivors cope both physically and emotionally with their situation.. But beneath her sturdy exterior, Anne continues to be haunted by the death of her son in ways few can understand. Anne develops a close friendship with Tom as a result of their shared tragedy. She also takes Lourdes, a young first-year med student, under her wing to help out in the makeshift clinic. Together, they discover new things about the anatomy of the enemy: how to kill them, how to remove children from their harnesses, and most shockingly – that the Skitters themselves were once victims of harness control.


Anne was a pediatrician prior to the war living with her husband Lee and young son Sam. Anne, Scott, Kate and Sam went on a weekend trip to Lake Huntington, and while fishing with Sam, Scott caught a fish but as soon as he pulled the hook out it swam away. Anne's favorite treat was Choco pies, she says they kept her rolling in baby fat until she hit high school.


When the attack started she was working a double shift at the hospital where she worked. She lost her son Sam and husband Lee during the initial attack. Her only remaining family was her Uncle Scott and her Aunt Kate. She joined up with Massachusetts Militia, and volunteers her skills to the cause. She met Tom after he assisted her with a patient. She is now the Field Physician and Nurse for the group, helping others with their pain and kids deal with their losses through therapy, as a sort of healing for herself.

"Live and Learn"Edit

Throughout the day, while most of the fighters are out defending areas of the city or looking for supplies, Anne worked with the kids through art therapy. She was happy noting that Matt Mason, Tom Mason's youngest son, was making breakthroughs by drawing pictures of his whole family, even though he went through the trauma of losing his mother and his brother to the enemy. That night, while serving food out to the returning fighters with her assistant, Lourdes, she spots Tom carrying Matt away from the group to get some rest. She approaches him and lets him know about the progress Matt's been making. She is shocked to find out that the enemy had taken Back Bay and South Boston though. Before she could say anymore, Tom is called away...

The following morning is filled with energy as the 2nd Mass begins to move out, shepherding the civilians away from Boston. Anne and Lourdes are preparing the last of the wounded and crippled to be moved, when Tom finds them. Lourdes informs him that they sent out the last of the stretcher cases and are finishing up now. Tom, surprised, compliments the doctor saying that she's good, which Anne modestly replies 'Practice makes perfect.' She tells him that there is a silver lining in all this, as if there wasn't a war that she would be giving flu shots and dealing with neurotic mothers. Tom smiles and replies by saying he would be grading midterms, or rather trying to avoid them. Anne smiles, then shows worry on her face and asks what the plan is. Tom is quiet for the moment then says they are retreating, regrouping, returning, and then getting their revenge, and then walks off, leaving Anne to ponder the new plan.

Later, she begins moving medical supplies and approaches her Uncle Scott and Aunt Kate, who are working on a truck, asking if she should load them in bags or the truck. Scott says the truck and continues working on it, while Kate leans out the window, looks at Anne skeptically, causing them to agree and say bags. As if on cue, Scott fixes the problem and the engine sputters to life, causing him to turn at the two disbelievers. As they move away from the city, Anne is walking with Tom, when she recognizes a house that one of her patients lived in. She points it out to Tom and tells him that her husband has a landscape painting there. Tom smiles, and then points out that 400 years ago, Native Americans lived here before Small Pox wiped them out. Anne says "Ever the history professor'" and then wonders what will be here in another 400 years. Tom answers optimistically "Hopefully Humans".

When they arrive at the Sundash in Belmont, they find it mostly picked cleaned. Hal comes back from scouting, reporting to Tom and Weaver that other places have been picked cleaned as well. Anne is working on scavenging from the store, when she overhears the conversation between Weaver and Tom, and approaches him. She asks him is he is sure about taking a small group back into enemy territory for food, but Tom doesn't answer, and asks her to look after Matt. She says she will, but before she can say anything else, Hal walks up to his dad, saying he's coming with him. Tom turns him down, wanting him to stay with the group, but is convinced when Hal says Weaver is more likely to get him killed. Karen, eavesdropping on the conversation, shouts out that he needs two scouts. Tom relents and tells them to find Dai, Click, Anthony, and one other to come with them, leaving Anne, who prays that he will return unharmed. After Tom's group returns, she and Lourdes help Matt celebrate his birthday by giving him a cupcake and candle to make a wish.

"The Armory"Edit

The morning after the failed raid on the Acton Armory she found Weaver and complained to him about all the fighters sleeping in houses while all the civilians slept outside, after Weaver's response she says they're not just eaters, she says they contribute, with the manual labor aspect of the resistance. She later told Tom Uncle Scott wanted to see him. She talked with Tom about his ideal breakfast before the invasion, then she asks his opinion about her argument with Weaver over the civilians. Tom replies they are a liability and hindrance but are the best motivation to fight. She later finds Weaver, and wondered what happened to the family in the house, Weaver says they were taken to a camp in Stockton, where they were bombed by Airships, she brings the issue of housing back up, when Hal returns to tell Weaver what happened to Tom and the others. She later asks if she should leave but Weaver tells her to stay, after she finds Hal leaving and tells him she can help.

When they get there she offers to help Billy, Maggie warns her she may never leave, Anne responds simply “It’s all we’ve got.” When she is taken to Pope’s hideout, she informs him she can help, Pope asks what kind of physician she is, she says the only one he’s got, she tries to make a deal with Pope, fix him and let them leave, Pope says if she helps Billy he’ll let them live. She stitched up Billy and wrapped his leg in bandages to stop the bleeding. Maggie asks if Billy will live, she says he will as long as he doesn’t get the wound infected. She watches as Maggie shoots Billy and Cueball, Maggie later explains they both sexually abused her. When they get back to the 2nd Mass she tells Weaver they have to follow her. The next morning, Tom runs into her on his way out, he thanks her for coming, she replies he would do the same for her, Tom says he would.

"Prisoner of War"Edit

Anne is first seen in the medical room with Lourdes, speaking with Tom about Michael Harris before he enters the room upon Tom's surprise that he is still alive. Anne later assists Michael Harris to remove Rick Thompson's harness, and later patches up Tom.


Anne takes an update of Rick's condition, asking if Mike is sure he had cystic fibrosis as it has cleared up. Anne takes note of Porter's request to communicate with the prisoner skitter, and stands outsides it cage with pictures that the skitter may recognize, saying words like Earth and stars, however gets no response. Anne tries to give it water, but it stopped by Harris when he disrupts her and brings in a dead skitter, causing the prisoner skitter to cause havoc in the cage. Anne is spoken down to by Harris, saying he doesn't have to be taking orders from a pediatrician. Anne visits Scott to speak with him, however is interrupted when his radio starts to make a loud static. Anne thinks the skitter is making the static, and asks Harris to cut the dead skitter open, Harris asks sarcastically what he is looking for, tubing, and when he cuts it open he finds only mush. Later the radio makes static again, they discover that Rick is the only one in the same room as the skitter and when they run to the classroom they find that Rick has put his harness back on and the skitter is speaking through him, however Mike tears the harness off. When Tom arrives back along with an injured Dai, Anne stitches Dai's leg and patches up Tom, telling him Matt has a new job. When the bells go off for dinner Dai tries to stand up but Anne tells to sit so he doesn't tear his aesthetic back out. She is later seen at the same table as Tom, Hal, Lourdes, Anthony, Dai and Matt when they discuss Pope and his bread and what they are thankful for before they all say a prayer and connect hands.

"Silent Kill"Edit

Anne looks over the drugs that Hal Mason and Margaret scavenge, and looks the cocaine saying she knows what it looks like as she watched too many late night cop shows when she couldn't sleep. Uncle Scott pulls Anne aside to speak to her about putting up something for her son Sam, however she doesn't want to speak about him, and soon after Michael Harris is attacked by the caged skitter, and Anne tries to save him but it is too late. When Hal comes up with the plan to sneak inside the hospital and too take out the skitter by knocking it unconscious like Mike did, Anne tests the theory and sticks her hand in the skitters mouth, to investigate if the skitters actually do become unconscious. After the team brings back the harnessed kids, Anne de-harnesses them however looses on kid and dwells over it. She later witnesses Ben Mason waking.

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"Edit

Anne is checking up on a patient, Eli Russell, before his father Jeff Russell pulls a gun out on Anne and tells her to put all the antibiotics in a bag. Anne does so but tries to call out for help, however is knocked to the ground by Jeff, and the family flees with the antibiotics.

Maggie later arrives to Anne, helping Sarah out by getting some pills for her pregnancy. Anne ask Maggie if they are good friends, however Maggie tells her that she wouldn't go that far. Anne mentions how Sarah could have come to the clinic herself. Maggie tells her with the way things are that Sarah didn't need to see Anne like this. Maggie compliments Anne on fighting backing. Maggie gives Anne a gun telling her that she'll feel better having the gun. She tells Anne that if she ever needs a lesson that she's around. Maggie later teaches Anne how to shoot after Anne asks for her help. Anne ask her if she take a stance. Maggie tells her that she's not the terminator. That she's looking to protect herself. Anne ask where she should am, and Maggie tells her in front of her. Anne has a hard time pulling the trigger. So Maggie tells her to imagine someone is charging at her, but Anne still does not shoot. So Maggie say to imagine that someone you love is about to --, causing Anne to shoot. Anne shoots again, telling Maggie that she doesn't like guns. Maggie tells her that she didn't either, but soon enough it becomes as comfortable as a credit card, you won't leave home without it.

Anne later checks up on a shocked Jimmy, as he was attacked by a skitter and the next morning says goodbye to Lourdes as she leaves to the farm with Terry Clayton.

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"Edit

Anne brings Sarah into labor, however says that her baby is breach. When Weaver walks in, he scrubs his hands and says that his first daughter was breach, and he assists Anne with delivering the baby.

"What Hides Beneath"Edit

Anne is with Rick Thompson helping him with art therapy to help get his feeling out. Anne later is with O'Neil, prescribing pills to him and telling him to see him again in the morning. Ben soon arrives and his back is checked on by Anne, who discovers dry skin developing around some of his spikes. Ben asks why his is so different, and Anne tells him that he was harnessed much longer. Anne asks if Ben can feel anything, and she pokes the dry skin with her scalpel, however Ben cannot feel anything, then she pokes into the skin and he still cannot feel anything, but tells him not to worry. Ben asks how Rick is and Anne tells him she is worried about his attitude, and it seems his fathers death has not registered and that he has no place around the 2nd Mass as they think they spiked kids are different. Anne later, with the help of Lourdes cuts open a skitter, and find what Anne was fearing, a harness inside the skitter, and Lourdes asks if they should tell anyone, but replies that the 2nd Mass are already worried about the spiked kids.


Anne informs Ben about Ben the dry skin around his spikes and shows him the harness on the skitter. After Dai returns to the school injured with a mech wound, Anne and Lourdes patch him up and Anne says it's a laceration wound. Tom speaks with Anne about the incident about Weaver and his breakdown. After Lourdes overhears she admits that Weaver came up to her looking for prescription drugs. After Tom is locked up, then is broken out, Tom, Anne and Jimmy listen to Dai, informing them what Porter's orders where. Anne later is approached by Weaver, asking where Tom is before Weaver is held hostage by Hal, Maggie and Tom.

"Eight Hours"Edit

Anne speaks with Tom in Scott's lab about Weaver attacking the Boston Tower. After the leave the lab, Scott is attack by Rick Thompson who was hanging from the ceiling, and listens to Scott tell the story. Anne says goodbye to Lourdes Delgado who is leaving with the rest of the civilians, and she tells her that the civilians need her, as she is staying behind with the fighters. After Scott successfully jams the aliens, Tom says he is going after Weaver, and kisses Anne for the first time.

"Worlds Apart"Edit

3 months later, Anne is working in a medical bus, and pulls a sheet over a deceased patient. Anne performs surgery on Tom Mason after he brought back to the 2nd Mass with a gun wound. Anne shares a drink with Daniel Weaver, after he asks if she knows anything about Whiskey, then they proceed to talk about Tom. Anne and Lourdes continue to perform surgery on Tom, before they pull out every bullet fragment, and when Tom awakes, Anne holds his hand.

"Shall We Gather at the River"Edit

Tom has a dream about the Red Eye skitter attacking him in his tent. When he wakes, he goes to get checked out by Anne, however she finds nothing wrong with him. Anne tells Tom about everyone they lost during Fitchburg, showing the pictures she pinned up as she started to forget their faces, showing a picture of Uncle Scott, Kate Gordon, Sarah and mentions that Rick Thompson just disappeared. Tom is told by Anne that the crusty skin on Ben is still spreading on his back. After Tom's eye starts to bleed, Hal takes him to Dr. Glass, and she does another check on his eye. Anne, Lourdes and Weaver all notice a growth in Tom's eye, and Anne says it wasn't there in the morning. The growth starts to move, and Tom tells her to take it out, and if she doesn't he will, and starts to struggle but is held down by Weaver. Anne opens Tom's eye and with a pair of tweezers she pulls the growth out, which happens to be a parasite. Later, she drives the med bus over the bridge, however it gets stuck in a ditch. Weaver tells her to get out on foot, but Anne has patients, so Weaver and a few fighters help push it out. Anne later witnesses Tom being lost in the bridge explosion, and when he emerges out of the river she tells him that she has to stop loosing him, then hugs Tom.


Anne performs surgery on Jimmy Boland after he is impaled by a tree branch. Anne does everything she can, but the injuries are too much and Jimmy passes. Anne later tells Tom that she didn't want to loose anyone because it was her son Sammy's birthday. She later attends Jimmy's funeral.

"Young Bloods"Edit

Anne is in her med bus when Tom Mason arrives and tells her that he has good news. Anne jokes asking if the aliens left, and Tom replies that he thought he was the first to know, and laughs before revealing a choco pie. Anne gasps asking where he found it, and Tom mentions in an un-looted Korean market. Anne mentions that this kept her in baby fat till she hit high school. Anne starts to kiss Tom before Lourdes walks in. After Weaver is bitten by a harness, Anne hands him medication to take.

"Love and Other Acts of Courage"Edit

After the 2nd Mass find and bring back Rick Thompson, Anne has to remove a large piece of shrapnel out of his shoulder. As Anne notices Weaver having a problem with his leg, he tells him to sit then takes his bandage of his leg, to reveal that the bite has festered. After Tom brings back the Red Eye skitter, Anne is forced to treat his wounds as they need information from it, but mentions they barley has enough supplies for the 2nd Mass. Later that night Anne performs another surgery on Maggie after she is injured after falling of her bike. When they arrive to their new camp at the hospital, Anne with her new equipment and medication injects Weaver with a sedative so that he can keep of his leg and sleep.



"Molon Labe"Edit


"Death March"Edit


"The Price of Greatness"Edit


"A More Perfect Union"Edit

When General Bressler prepared to fire on Ben Mason and the Skitter Resistance Anne was one of the first to stand by Tom to protect them. Later she is nauseous and vomits in a barrel, here Lourdes correctly guesses she is pregnant. Anne says she is and she doesn't want Tom to know until after the mission. While they are captured, Karen senses that Anne is pregnant with Tom's child and announces it to everybody. Karen moves to torture her, but Tom yields by saying that he would tell Karen what she needs to know.

"On Thin Ice"Edit


"Collateral Damage"Edit




"At All Costs"Edit


"Strange Brew"Edit



After Karen departs from the mother ship, she intercepts the travelling 2nd Mass while waving a white flag, she tries making peace with Tom Mason, saying that she has a gift for him, and in response he says he has a gift for her and shoots her. After Tom hears Anne's voice, Tom runs into the forest to find that Anne was the present, and the two reunite. Anne introduces Tom to Lexi, who has aged highly since the last time he saw her.

"Ghost in the Machine"Edit

22 days in, the 2nd Mass finally return to Charleston, and as soon as they arrive they are attacked by Airships and Mega Mechs. The Beamers start deploying Obelisks which emitted a laser fence. The Obelisks are placed around most of the 2nd Mass but Anne, Anthony, Denny and a few other soldiers escape with their lives.

Four months in as the 2nd Mass is separated, Anne is the leader of the group of survivors. Anthony is timing Anne on how fast she can reload her gun, and he asks if they can rest and Anne replies do they rest. Denny comes to Anne with the news that a truck is carrying material and should be here by tomorrow morning, and Anne tells Anthony that he gets his wish. The next morning Anthony creates a C4 that is rigged to the radio circuit, and they place it on a bridge where the truck is going to ride over. Anthony asks who Anne thinks the driver is, and she answers "a collaborator". When Denny tries to denote the bomb, it does not work and Anne says that they must've changed the circuit. She forces Dick to give her his shirt. She stops the truck with the C4 that she wrapped in a shirt and lit on fire, then through it at the truck that is supposed to be carrying ammo and kills the driver. Anne and the rest of the group look in the back and finds a group of children.

"The Eye"Edit

A few days later, Dick slowly collapses, she gives him her share of water, and Anthony tells Anne that they can walk at night or during the day, but not both. After Anne injures a Skitter by shooting it multiple times, the Skitter talk through Denny as Anne wants answers; and when Anne not pleased with the Skitter, she stabs the Skitter multiple times, and it causes Denny great pain as she is still connected to it. Later, as she is resting, Anne apologises to her, and Denny tells her that the Skitter did not lie to Anne, but fear when Anne asked the Skitter about the hybrid, showed them where to go to find the hybrid.


When Anne collapses, she has a flashback of when she was captured by Karen, and implanted with something that caused Alexis to become a hybrid. Anne soon after waking up, asks for food then leads her group to where Alexis is, as she knows her location through a dream. When Anne walks into Chinatown, Lourdes is walking by and notices her, Lourdes walks up to her and hugs her, and soon after is greeted by Ben who reunites her with her daughter.

"Evolve or Die"Edit

Anne who is now at Chinatown, speaks with her daughter for the first time in four months. Later that day, Ben and Maggie inform Anne that Lexi has been seeing an Espheni during the night, and Anne go to interrogate her. When they find her, The Monk soon connects and speaks through Ben. Anne tells him to reveal himself, and he does so; Anne soon releases that this Espheni is the one who done this to Lexi, and has Anthony and Denny tie him up after Ben disconnects, and tells Anne that he lied about not being the instigator in the situation with Lexi becoming a hybrid.

"Mind Wars"Edit

At Chinatown, Anne speaks to the captured Espheni, as he speaks through Ben. The two speak about Lexi, and Anne asks what he wants with Lexi. While speaking, Ben's nose starts to bleed, as a Espheni is more of a challengene to connect to. As the Monk disconnects from Ben, Maggie catches Ben as he starts to collapse. After existing the room Anne argues with Lexi, as Anne lied about not hurting the Monk, and Lexi uses her powers and strangles Anne, but is freed. After Lexi gets a sudden high fever, Anne sits and helps Lexi but her fever does not go down. She tortures the Monk, by hitting him with a plank of wood, but it turns out he was connected to Ben, and Ben had the answer how to heal her, by using the flowers. Anne realises what flowers is needed, and she makes a tea for Lexi to drink.

"Door Number Three"Edit

Anne, along with Tom are the first to find Alexis in her cocoon. After learning from Tom that he had seen Anne in one on the Espheni ship, Kadar proposes that he do a therapy that will help Anne remember it. Anne agrees, and is injected with a drug. Her memory takes her to the night her son, Sam died. She wakes up, and realizes she needs to go down deeper. She injects herself with 6ccs, twice the amount Kadar says. Kadar says she may never wake up, and she goes under again, to find herself aboard the Espheni ship. She sees herself in the cocoon, and Karen is holding Alexis saying that there is no need for Anne, she will be disposed of. Alexis appears, and shows Anne a memory of her own. Karen tells Alexis to come with her, but the young Alexis goes to Anne and touches her cheek, telling her to "wake up". The younger Alexis does this again, with the older Alexis copying it. Anne awakes, and runs to her daughter in the cocoon. Anne says they have nothing to fear from Alexis, and touches Alexis' cocoon, which earlier burned Weaver's hand with no pain at all. In the cocoon, Alexis' hand moves to where Anne's hand is, only with the cocoon dividing them. 

"Saturday Night Massacre"Edit


"A Thing With Feathers"Edit


"Til Death Do Us Part"Edit


"Drawing Straws"Edit



Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon


  • According to the commentary in The Armory, Anne was originally meant to be an art dealer, but the crew realized she wouldn't have any real contributions to the resistance, so they changed her occupation to a physician.


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