Conflict at the Norfolk Base


Pope's Assault on the Norfolk Base


Black Hornet Assault on the Norfolk Base

Assassination Attempt on Tom Mason


Invasion of Earth




Norfolk, Virginia


Assassination attempt fails
Alexis clone killed
Important information on Espheni Queen learned
Dornia bioweapon successfully modified and tested


Global Resistance



Tom Mason

Espheni Queen



Alexis clone


The Assassination Attempt on Tom Mason was an assassination attempt made by the Espheni Queen on Global Resistance leader Tom Mason with an Espheni clone of his daughter Alexis Glass-Mason.


Realizing that Tom Mason was getting close to her, the Espheni Queen decided to try to assassinate him by sending an Espheni engineered clone of his deceased daughter, Alexis Glass-Mason to kill him, believing that without Tom, the Global Resistance would fall. Once the clone was created, it was left injured in the woods near the Norfolk Base with a story that made it sound like the clone was the real Alexis having been saved from death by the Dornia like Tom was.


While on patrol through the woods near the Norfolk Base, Matt Mason discovers the Alexis clone. Despite Maggie's warnings and belief that it is a trap, Matt insists on taking the clone to the base to figure out what to do with it there. While Colonel Daniel Weaver wants to kill the clone immediately, Matt convinces Weaver to lock her up instead. When Tom returns with a bioweapon from the Dornia, he learns of the clone being found and questions the clone about the Espheni plans. The clone tells him that it no longer has her powers, but he asks what she remembers and what is going on in Washington, D.C.. The clone doesn't know anything about that, but upon hearing of the Espheni Queen being on Earth, warns that the queen only comes to a planet when victory is certain and it means the Espheni objectives are changing from invasion to occupation. The clone works to win over "her" mother and brother, but fails. Tom eventually returns and resumes questioning the clone who reveals that the Espheni have been to Earth before. As Tom comes closer, the clone grabs him, pulls him through the mesh of her cell and begins strangling Tom to death. At the same time, Ben Mason learns of the Espheni plot from the Shadow Plane and leads Anne, Weaver and some guards to Tom's rescue. The clone places Tom in the group's line of fire so they can't shoot, but Ben instead hits her with the modified Dornia bioweapon, fatally infecting her with the virus contained within. Weaver questions the Alexis clone on how many more such clones exist, but the clone simply tells Tom that "they're onto you" before dying. The Dornia virus causes the clone's body to burn to ash.


The death of the Alexis clone proves the effectiveness of the Dornia bioweapon, giving the Global Resistance an effective weapon to use against the Espheni Queen. The resistance also learns vital information on the Espheni plans from the encounter with the clone, including how the Espheni have visited the Earth before. Using the clue Ben found in the Shadow Plane, they also realize that the Espheni Queen is located at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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