Second Assault on Boston


Skirmish at the Supply Cache

Battle of Chinatown


Invasion of Earth






*Heavy human losses
*Espheni forces fail to eliminate the 2nd Mass



Global Resistance



Col. Daniel Weaver
Tom Mason


Three battalions of Mega Mechs and Skitters
One Beamer

2nd Mass
1 Volm recon team


One full Battalion of Mega Mechs and Skitters
One Beamer shot down

Over 100
Tector Murphy
Roger Kadar
Lourdes Delgado


The Assault on Chinatown was an Espheni offensive launched on the region known as Chinatown.


The area known as Chinatown was left relatively untouched by the Espheni. This was a ruse by the Espheni in an attempt for Alexis Glass-Mason and her followers to believe in the peace she proposed. The Espheni commander Scorch vowed revenge on Tom Mason after the human severely burned him in the Charleston Espheni Ghetto. He personally pursued Tom after the 2nd Mass' escape from the Ghetto.


During a patrol, Anthony and Bennett were captured by Scorch's forces. Bennett was burned alive and Anthony was released to inform the others. The Volm reported three battalions of Skitters and Mechs and blew a bridge to force the force to go further south which bought the humans twelve hours.

The 2nd Mass prepared and as several Mega Mechs entered the area. Maggie triggered thermite that had been placed in Chinese paper laterns over the street. This was devastating to for the Mega Mechs and was a brief victory for the 2nd Mass. A wave of Skitters then attacked which the 2nd Mass managed to fight off. However a gas main was ruptured and the explosion killed over 100 humans and numerous Skitters.

Knowing that two more battalions were out there and they couldn't win, the survivors retreated to a bomb shelter to convince Scorch they were all wiped out in the explosion. Tom Mason went to assassinate Scorch with Tector Murphy's assistance. However, Tector knocked Tom out so he could personally take the shot. While Tector had Scorch in his sights, the Espheni dodged the shot at the last second. Scorch then ordered a Beamer on Tector's position, but Cochise shot the Beamer down with a Volm rocket launcher. The Beamer crashed, destroying a building in front of Tector, causing him to fall to the ground. As a Skitter approached him, Tector pulled off Tom's "Ghost" mask and detonates explosives wired to himself, blowing himself and the Skitter up. Finding Tector's body and believing him to be Tom, Scorch orders a retreat.


This attack was the single greatest loss the 2nd Mass suffered. Tector, Dr. Roger Kadar and over 100 fighters were lost in the attack. Believing the 2nd Mass had been wiped out, Scorch left the area. Tom and Dingaan Botha were trapped under a crashed Beamer they would later use to attack the Espheni Power Station. Maggie was trapped under rubble that paralyzed her from the neck down. This resulted in Ben Mason donating several spikes to heal her.