"Chapter One"
Battle of Fitchburg, Chapter One
Chapter Chapter One
Published April 19, 2012
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Battle of Fitchburg Chapter 2

Battle of Fitchburg Chapter 1 is the first chapter in the Battle of Fitchburg comic.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Catastrophe approaches as Dai makes it back to camp, only to deliver bad news … news that could lead to a final stand for the Second Mass.


In Fitchburg Massachusetts, four weeks after the attack on the alien structure in Boston, Dai's patrol was escaping from a patrol of Skitters and Mechs after scouting the alien's activity. As the patrol are riding through the streets, one of the fighters mention that the streets are a mess and that their faster on a straightaway. Two of the riders are killed when the Mechs explode two cars and their cycles, then when Dai mentions to his patrol that they have to go, the riders in front are killed by a massive explosion caused by a Mech, and Dai is injured from the impact of the blast.

Forty blocks away, Hal is teaching Ben how to shoot a gun, Ben tells Hal that there is smoke over in the distance, but Hal cannot see it. Ben says that he sees Dai riding in his cycle, being followed by two Skitters. Hal tells Ben he will take the left Skitter and Ben will take the right; Hal kills his Skitter but Ben 'cannot get a clear shot' he says and Hal shoots the Skitter right before it attacks Dai.

Back at the camp, Weaver asks Dai what happened to his patrol, and mentions that they didn't make it back, and there is too many of the Skitters and Mechs. Weaver addresses the 2nd Mass and tell them that they have to hide buildings, and not to go outside as they cannot afford to be spotted. The fighters who are able to, help the wounded and sick and the rest are told to carry important supplies. Uncle Scott's fever gets worse as they move, and Anthony questions Pope when he carries beer, thinking it is not important enough.

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