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  Ben Mason
Actor Connor Jessup
Gender Male
Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Skitter Rebellion (formerly)
Origin Somerville, Massachusetts
Age 17
Occupation High School Student (Pre-Invasion)
Family Tom Mason - Father
Rebecca Mason - Mother (Deceased)
Hal Mason - Brother
Matt Mason - Brother
Alexis Glass-Mason - Half-Sister (Deceased)
Anne Glass - Stepmother
First Appearance Live and Learn
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
I will, I'm your brother, I'll die before I let anyone hurt you.
— Ben to Alexis

Benjamin "Ben" Mason is a major character in the first, second, third and fourth season. He is the middle child of the Mason family. Prior to the first season, he was captured by the invaders and harnessed. He is rescued by the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment at the beginning of the series and reassumes a prominant role in the resistance. Despite having the Harness removed, Ben continues to feel its residual effects.  He has superhuman senses as well as greatly enhanced strength, stamina and agility, and he can  communicate/translate with Skitters.  However, the residual parts of the harness make him vulnerable to manipulation by enemy Skitters and Espheni at close range, and it is theorized that if the spikes are not eventually removed he will die in less than a decade.


Sometime after the invasion his mother went out to get supplies. Ben remembers this being the last time he saw her, just seeing her feet as she was leaving through the window. He remembered how when Tom brought her back after she died she was missing one of her shoes, he regretted not going to look for the missing shoe. However, is mentioned by Matt, that when the aliens came down, Ben was at his friend Nick's house.

"Live and Learn"Edit

During the invasion, after Ben was captured, while Hal was scouting a road, he noticed Ben among a group of harnessed children, later reporting this to his father, he argues with Tom about going after Ben, and Hal says he is going with or without him but is stopped by Tom.

"The Armory"Edit

After the situation with Pope and his gang, Weaver allows Tom three days to find and bring back Ben.

"Prisoner of War"Edit

Tom leaves with his group to bring back the harnessed kids, Tom looks through the binoculars and sees Ben gathering scrap metal on the roof. Upon Porter's arrival, Porter reveals that they have been able to get the harness of, but they died a few days later. Porter gives Tom the option to bring back only one harnessed kid, and use their new safe way to take of the harness. Later that day, Tom tells Harris that Ben is a prisoner, harnessed and that they are going to go get him. When they go to the building, they do not find Ben, but Mike finds Rick. As the mission fails, and Hal and Karen are stunned by a Mech, Hal wakes up to find Ben dragging Karen away to be harnessed.



"Silent Kill"Edit

A few days later, Hal comes up with a plan to retrieve Ben and the other harnessed kids. Hal places a deceased Harness on his back and during the night walks behind the other kids to the room where the Skitter sleeps with them. Hal, calls out Ben and the Skitter wakes up, Hal stabs the Skitter and is saved by Tom as he shoots the Skitter. They take Ben and the harnessed kids back to the school where Tom, Lourdes and Scott assist Anne in removing the harnesses. As the Mason family wait with Ben, he wakes up and calls to his dad, then falls back to sleep.

"Sanctuary (Part 1)"Edit

Ben has Matt count how many push up he can do, which is 102 before he stops. Matt is amazed by this, however this doesn't seem to amaze Ben. Matt tells Ben that some of the kids with spikes, spikes go away. Matt ask to touch, and when he did Ben yells in pain only to be joking. Matt ask Ben what it was like with the skitter. Ben tells him that it not he thinks. They don't have their own thought, it's not like you're thinking. At least not the way you normally do. Ben tells Matt that the skitters kind of knew what the kids wanted, before they even knew what they wanted. Ben was afraid when the skitters first caught him, but after harness it wasn't so bad. Matt ask him if Ben missed them, he tell him that he doesn't know. Ben mentions how the skitters might have actually cared about the harnessed kids. That they weren't monster, but they were family. Hal who was sleeping, gets worried.

Ben is in the gym/make shift cafeteria. He trying to take pick a granola bar, only a guy thinks he taking too long. He then announces that he's not going to stand in the line with the razor-back, that one like him are the reason the skitters are coming back. Maggie is talking to Hal when she notices this.

Hal walks up to Ben and notices that he has a picture when the family went to six flags. Ben ask if he remembers Hal tells him that he remembers Ben throwing up on him, then Matt. Hal said that it was the most memorable day. Ben says that at least dad didn't throw up on him. Ben gives Hal the photo, he tells him to keep it until he can come back for them.

"Sanctuary (Part 2)"

Ben goes along with the other children to the sanctuary. He's playing soccer with the rest of the second Mass. He yells to Jimmy to pass the ball, but he didn't. He later ask if he saw him. Jimmy told him that he did, but to stay away. After Hal, Rick, and Lourdes escape from the sanctuary. They hole up in a house to let the kids rest. He tells Hal that he can go find help, that he's faster if he's alone. Hal allows this telling him to stay on the highway, stay off road, and run if you see anyone. Ben goes get a drink of a water from a river when he see's Terry Clayton and his men searching for the kids. He continues to run until he found his dad and Dai. He tells his dad and Dai about everything that has happened. He comes down the stairs after Weaver and his fighters captured Clayton and his men. His dad laughs telling him that he send the Calvary not to come with them.

"What Hides Beneath"Edit

Hal is looking for his brother telling them he's going to miss lunch. He find his brother outside behind one of buses jumping rope. Hal notices the stop watch and picked it up. When he looked at he the saw that the stop watch was running for 2 hours and 40 minutes. He ask if he's padding his stats. Ben tells him that he must have hit the button before he came out. This worries Hal. Ben talks to Rick, Rick tells him that the Skitters are coming back for them. Ben tells him that he hate what the Skitters for what they done to him. That he wishes that he could kill every single last one of them. When he goes in for his check up Anne notice something strange. She takes her scalpel and starts to tap the last couple of spikes. Anne ask if he can feel it, to which he tells her no.


Ben goes into the room where Uncle Scott is working. Scott ask Ben if his dad sent him there to help him. Ben tells him that he was actually there because they moved some of the library books in there. He then offers his help to Uncle Scott, to which he said it might be the best offer he's gotten all day. Uncle Scott tells Ben what he doing with the radio. Ben cranks the radio while Uncle Scott find a radio frequency. This however causes Ben to stop cranking the radio due to a sound. Ben sneaks back into the room. Rick tells him that he heard them as well. Rick tells him that they might find them, Ben ask if this is something he does creep him out. Ben ask what happening to them, to which Rick says I hope they come see. He waits for Uncle Scott to return, he wants him to use the radio. When Uncle Scott uses the frequency Ben gets hurt. Uncle Scott ask what happened, Ben tells him that he doesn't know what he is. Ben and Uncle Scott tell him that they have an idea about the radio frequency.

"Eight Hours"Edit

Ben knew who attack Scott, before Scott said who it was. Ben leaves the medic room to find Rick. He find him asking why he hurt Scott. Rick told him to get the transmitter to stop them, that this was keepign the skitters away. Rick says that he knows that Ben wants them back. Ben tells him he wants them out of his head. Rick goes and tells him that he wants the harness back on, and that he know's that Ben does too. Ben starts to yell Help, telling someone to get his dad. He runs after Rick telling people not to let him get away, that he's going to warn the Skitters. Ben stays behind with Scott as they try to figure out the frequency. After they find it they realize that the frequency isn't loud enough to stop the Mechs from coming. Ben suggests the flag pole. Scott tells him that they should get one of the fighters, however Ben tells him that they have no time. He grabs the car charger batteries clip and runs out. However the closer he got to the flag pole and Mechs, the worse the sound got. Tom see's this and runs to help Ben. Ben tells his dad, Tom quickly attaches the clips to the flag pole. This is a success since the Mechs start to retreat.

Four weeks after the First Assault on Boston, Ben is learning how to shoot from Hal. Hal tells him the first thing Tom taught him was to keep the grip tight, but not so tight that he was tense. Also to fire in short bursts. Ben said he understood, Hal then asks if Ben is really up for learning how to fight. Ben said it was time he stepped up since Weaver’s patrols have been reporting a lot of activity, he then noticed a pillar of smoke then he noticed Dai was near it. When Dai got closer Hal told Ben to kill the Skitter on the right, Ben hesitated however and Hal was forced to kill the other as well. Hal asked why he hesitated; Ben said he didn’t have a clean shot and that he’d do better next time. Ben later volunteered to go with Griffin, Hal and Maggie to find a gap in the enemy lines, Weaver turned him down due to his age and lack of experience.(Battle of Fitchburg Chapter 1)

Later, Jimmy asked Ben when he couldn’t shoot the Skitter when it was about to attack Dai. Ben responded he’d never killed anything before, that it’s harder than it looks. Ben quotes Tom, quoting Sun Tzu saying "To know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” Jimmy responds saying they’re in a war with them, that they want all humans dead. Ben says Jimmy doesn't get it. He does know the Skitters. He knows they killed his mother, and that they took his father. He knows what they did to him, that he knows them better than anyone. Ben says he hates them more than Jimmy could possibly know. He tells him how he wants to kill them all.(Battle of Fitchburg Chapter 2)

When Weaver overheard Anne say they had run out of medicine, Weaver called Ben and Rick over. Weaver told them the enemy was surrounding them. He said under normal circumstances he wouldn't go to them but he was out of choices. Weaver wondered if they could still sense the Skitters. Ben said there's a buzz, but he can't understand them, he also stated he'd never let them control him. Weaver understood, but felt he could use them to find a way out between the enemy lines. Ben felt he could sense them if they were close enough. He then allowed them to leave, telling them to keep their heads down and not to engage the enemy. Ben said he make them proud. After traveling for some time Rick sensed the Skitters were close and told Ben, Ben said he knew. Rick then heard something else and asked Ben if he did. Ben said he did and that something was following them. Jimmy revealed himself to the two boys and said he was making sure they didn’t get into trouble. Rick and Ben then heard the buzzing, meaning Skitters were nearby so they hid in a pharmacy.(Battle of Fitchburg Chapter 3)

"Worlds Apart"Edit

3 months later Ben is with Hal's back up group. When Weaver calls for everyone to cease fire Ben continues to shoots, despite Hal yelling at him. He finally stops after a moment. The teams have 8 minutes until the beamers come down on them. Hal and his team are about to leave, however Ben see's a skitter moving. He tells Hal that he doesn't have a clear shot. Hal tells Ben to leave it however Ben disobey's him and jumps down to get a closer look. When he jumps down and stabs him in the head. Hal follows him asking what the hell he was thinking. Before the boys hear a noise from the alley. A skitters appears and Ben takes his gun and out and shoots it right away. Only when the Skitter fell Tom was behind it. He takes one look at his son before falling. He thanks god that his boys are alive. Ben tells Dr. Anne Glass that it was dark and that he didn't know. Matt finds Ben, he tells him that knows he didn't mean to hurt dad. Matt tells Ben that it's not fair, he wants to go with them. Ben tells him that he's old enough how to handle a gun. Hal calls for Ben telling him that what happened what dad was an accident. That he needs to know that next time he will listen. Ben blows him off telling him whatever. Ben tells him that he'll follow his orders but he's not dad.

Ben is teaching Matt how to shoot a gun when Hal and Maggie show up. Hal finds Ben teaching Matt how to shoot. Hal ask why he has a gun and Ben replies saying how he figured how it was time that Matt learned how to shoot. He then tells him that he may have to follow his orders on mission, but other than that he doesn't. He tells Matt to go back to camp. He tells him that Matt may or may not be ready to shoot a gun, but that it dad decision to decide. That when dad comes back that he we decide. Ben tells him if Matt is old enough to load a gun, he's old enough to shoot it.. Ben tells him that he doesn't want Matt to get taken away like dad, or him... or Karen. This causes Hal to charge him, only to have Ben grab him by the wrist slowly making Hal back down.

Ben volunteers to stay with the Med bus as everyone else left. Ben is on the med bus when Tom wakes up. He tries to tell him that he's sorry, but Tom tells him that it's ok.

"Shall We Gather at the River"Edit

Jimmy and Ben were at the bridge with other. Jimmy was trying to tell Ben that it was ok. That anyone would have shot his dad, that it was dark and something was moving. They were checking out one of the bridge making sure that they could cross it. A beamer is flying towards them causing Ben and Jimmy to run towards Hal. Ben goes with a group back to bridge to figure out a different solution. When they decide that they would just patch the bridge up. Someone says that they could be ambushed on the other side. Hal offers to go across with Maggie in the boat, but Ben tells him it will take too long. He says that he could swim across that it will be faster and easier. His dad gives him a worried look, to which Ben tells him that, this is what he does now.

Ben's back season 2

Ben is with Jimmy at the river as they discuss the plan. Jimmy gives him the compass telling him not to loose it. Ben comes across some metal, which turns out to be Mech pieces. This causes a frequency causing it to hurt Ben. He takes a picture of the inside of whatever it is, before he destroys it. Something jumps in front of him, but when Ben shined his flashlight on it, it was just a deer. Ben starts to move until the frequency in his head start to hurt once more. Moving towards it he comes across a tower. He takes pictures of the tower before leaving. Ben wakes his dad, he ask if he's had nightmares. When Tom asked how he got rid of them, Ben told him that he stopped sleeping. Ben tells him about how much he hates the Skitters. About much he hates what they did to him. He then shows his dad his back, which was worse then it was 3 months ago. He tells him that he's got to hold onto his hate. That if he holds onto it, they won't change who's inside of you. His dad tells him that hate is a powerful emotion and that if you hold onto it, that they already changed him.

Ben tells Weaver and the other how he found what he found on the pictures. When Jamily ask if Ben seen or heard anything that could help them take it down. Ben lies telling them that he didn't. Ben sets out with Hal, Maggie, and Dai to take the tower down. They wait for Pope and his team distraction, so they can blow the tower. While they wait Ben hears the noise, when Hal ask what's wrong. He tells them that the beamers are coming out from the side and to get down. Down by the river someone walks out of the river, Ben points his gun towards the person. Tom tells him not shoot, that they don't need to do this again.


Ben is with Jimmy out on patrol when they spot a skitter. Jimmy uses his sniper rifle to take it down. When he does Ben tells him nice shot. They walk up to the Skitter thinking it was dead, only for it pop back up. Ben stabs it in the head. Jimmy told him that he thought it was dead.

Ben and Jimmy went out in search of Skitters, they found a pack of three in the woods. Using new dragons breath rounds, Jimmy waits as Ben attracts the three to their location. Jimmy shoots and kills two of the skitters, before firing at the red eyed skitter. The skitter dodges the round, before Jimmy approaches for a close range kill. The skitter again dodges his attack, before pushing Jimmy into a tree, impaling him on a branch. As Ben approaches to kill the skitter, it raises its hand, causing the spines on Ben's back to glow and stopping him. Ben is sitting at the mess tent, with Hal, Maggie, and Weaver a few tables over. He see's Hal looking at him and ask him why he's looking at him like that. Ben's dad gives Ben Jimmy's compass telling him to give it to him when he wakes up. Ben disappears from the group after the announcement of Jimmy. Tom finds him sitting next to Jimmy staring at Jimmy's compass. He ask where's he's been. Ben tells him nowhere, that he was walking around staring at Jimmy's compass. He then tell his dad the story behind the compass. Ben tells Anne that Jimmy stopped breathing. Anne starts CPR on him, however she stops. He ask why she stopped, she tells Ben that he's gone.

Ben finds Weaver by Jimmy's grave. He gives him Jimmy's compass back, telling him that he knows Jimmy would want it back. Ben tells him that he wouldn't want anyone else fighting by his side. There he breaks out in tears telling that he's sorry. He cries into Weaver shoulder repeating that he's sorry. Before leaving Ben finds himself back at Jimmy's grave. When he turns around he face by a skitter that takes over his body making a warbling noise. The Skitter however does not go much further due to Hal arriving looking for him.

"Young Bloods"Edit

Hal and Ben are staking out near a factory. They are checking out the places that are not safe. They are talking when 2 people come out of nowhere and take their bikes. Hal tells Ben that they aren't going back without their bikes. When Hal see that Ben is doing something he ask. Ben tells him that they are heading east, he tells him that he can hear their engine. Ben goes with Diego to give them their supplies. When they come back after the discovery. Weaver and Tom ask what he remembers about the harness faculty. He tells them that he doesn't remember much. However they push him to tell him what does. Ben tells him that they kept him in a holding faculty before they brought them the harnessing chambers. Tom tells Ben that he doesn't have to go back to the harnessing faculty. He ask him why, because he's afraid that he'll freak out. Tom tells his son no, but before he could say anything. Ben tells him that he's going. In the harnessing faculty Ben gets attracted to this big container which is containing some sort of liquid for the harnessers. Hal looks over at Ben and see his spikes glow. Ben freaks out shooting the tank. Hal tells Ben that he could have thrown a grenade in the tank.

"Love and Other Acts of Courage"Edit

Ben along with many other Skitters go to the top of the roof. He raises his arm and howls. After searching for Ben, Tom finally find Ben after following Rick. Ben tells his dad to go away. Rick tells Ben that he brought them here. Ben questions this and Rick tells them that he needs them in order to keep him alive. Ben tells his dad that he not going to let them hurt him. When Tom ask who, a skitter shows himself. Tom and the others point their gun at the skitters. Ben tells his dad that he won't let them hurt him. Rick then becomes a translator for the skitters. He tells them that he won't hurt them, that he needs their help like they need his. However before he can finish the skitter faints as well as Rick. Ben rushes to his aid, Weaver wants him to move so they can kill him. However Ben refuses to move, and Tom backs him up. Telling them they could use him as a prisoner, that he was on the ship, that he may have more information. Ben ask Anne to help the skitter. She question why but Tom takes him away before he could tell her. Tom ask Ben about the Skitter Rebellion and why he didn't tell him. He ask why he didn't tell him about the spikes. Tom ask why Ben didn't tell him about this earlier. Ben tells him that he would think that he was evil, that he wouldn't believe him. Ben then goes and tells his dad about the Skitter Rebellion.

When Weaver barges in the middle of the conversation that Tom was having with the Red Eye. Weaver tells Tom to get away from the cage, that the skitter brought them here. Ben moves in front of the cage telling them that they can't. Rick gets shot as they tried to shoot the skitter, and he rushes to him yelling his name. Ben is talking with Rick who tells him that he is the only one. That he's only one who can convince everyone about the rebel skitters. Rick tells Ben with his last dying breath that he had to make his father believe. Ben whispers that "He needs my help." When his dad ask him Ben repeats it. Tom grabs his son and Ben starts yelling that he needs his help. Ben is sitting on the edge of the roof looking at the sky when Matt joins him. Ben ask Matt if he not afraid of heights anymore. Matt tells him no, that he's not afraid of anything anymore. Ben tells him that, that's impossible. Matt ask why, and Ben tells him Just because. Ben tells Matt that he needs to keep a secret. He tells Matt that he has to go away for a little while. Matt thinks it's because of the Skitter.


When Hal and Maggie return to the hospital with Karen, Ben tells his dad not to let her stay. He tells them that she's still with that, that he can hear it. After Tom, Hal, Maggie, and Ben leave Karen. Ben tells his dad that he should stay with Karen because if she doesn't something. It's better if Ben is there, because he will know. Ben tells Hal he sure that Karen was a wonderful person before, but that the thing in there is not Karen. Hal goes and ask Ben why should he be any different. Ben tells him that he's not, that Karen can and will manipulate Hal. That she's already doing that. Ben tells the guards that he suggest they keep Hal as far away as they can. Hal walks away telling that he can such a ---. Ben ask him freak, Hal however tells that he was going to call him a tool, but if he wants to go with that.

Ben and Karen are alone in separate room but they talk. Karen tells Ben that it was nice to finally meet him, because Hal talked about him a lot. Ben informs Karen that Pope is gone and Uncle Scott died trying to save a bunch of kids. Ben guilts Karen by telling her how many people died, how many die from the Mechs and Skitters killing them to please her master. Ben tells Karen that she can't fool him, that he can hear her. Karen tells Ben how she remember how it felt to be connected. Karen tells Ben to image being with the Skitter 10 times with being connected to the master.Ben enters Karen's room the next morning. She starts off by telling her how her family use to vacation in nantucket. She ask him if he ever dream of what it was like before. Ben tells her that it's hard to dream when hardly sleep. After receiving the food Ben tells her that they are running low on everything. Karen tells him that it looks like another food scout. Ben tells her that it doesn't matter because they are moving out soon. Karen ask where and Ben lies telling her that they don't tell him these things. Karen ask if it's because of his spikes. Karen tells Ben how different she feels. She picks the bed up to prove how different she feels. Ben rushes over to her telling her to put it down. However when he moves over to her both their spikes light up. Karen tells Ben that she can feel what he's feeling. The two end up kissing only to be interrupted by Hal. Suddenly Karen faints. Hal ask Ben what he did to her, Ben leaves the room. Ben enters the room to find Karen and Maggie both on the ground. Karen tells Ben that Maggie tried to kill her. Ben tells her that they are not safe there. Ben tells her that he knows a place, where they will be safe and accepted. The two of them leave. The two run up to the roof. Hal walks onto the roof telling Ben that he needs to come with him. However Ben tells him that he needs to go for everyones own protection. Hal doesn't accept this and tells them that they need to go. Ben walks up to Hal only to hold him in a sleep hold. Karen apologizes for having to come to this. Ben tells her that he knew he would have to leave sooner or later. The two of them step on the edge of the roof with their spikes glowing. They jump off the roof with ease and run into the woods.

"Molon Labe"Edit

Ben and Karen are walking through the woods. Ben tells Karen about the Skitter Rebels, how they communicate. A skitter appears, Ben tells her that those aren't them. Karen smiles and tells him that he's right, their with us. Karen puts her harness on and is holding a harnesser. Karen tells him ask him if he remembers what it's like. Karen tells him that she can show him everything. Karen starts to put the harnessers on him, only to have the harnesser to be shot. Tom, Dai, Anthony, Hal and others shoot the skitter. Ben tells Hal that he screwed up, that he should have left weeks ago. That everyone is in danger because of him. Ben and Hal argue about how it was Ben's fault, but Hal tells him it wasn't . Ben tells his dad that if they get through this that he has to leave the second Mass. Ben tells his dad that he needs to stops babying. Tom tells Ben that they need to go to charleston so that he can tell them about the Skitter Rebellion. Ben counters this by telling his dad that it worked so well with him. The two of them argue about Ben leaving. Ben tells his dad that the Overlord/fishhead, tried to worm his way through his spike. The overlord doesn't manage to do this. Ben tells his dad that he didn't know how much longer he would have been about to keep him out, that he's scared. Ben goes down to the overlord with his dad. He translate for the overlord against his will. To prove a point, the overlord hurts Ben, causing him to fall on the ground spazzing out, and getting a nose blood.

The Second Mass is now on the road on their way to Charleston. Ben is about to leave, he turns around to find his dad. The two of them talk, Tom tries one last time to get Ben to stay. Tom tells Ben a memory when they first dropped him off at preschool. "I was just thinking about the first time your mom and I dropped you off at preschool.. And how when you realized we were leaving you there, you started bawling your head off.." Ben tells his dad "I was a world-class screamer in my day." His dad tells him "You kept screaming don't leave me. As we headed towards the door it was the longest walk of my life and your mom pointed towards the window, with your face pressed up against the glass crying your eyes out."

"Death March"Edit


"The Price of Greatness"Edit


"A More Perfect Union"Edit


"On Thin Ice"Edit


"Collateral Damage"Edit




"At All Costs"Edit


"Search and Recover"Edit


"Be Silent and Come Out"Edit


"The Pickett Line"Edit


"Strange Brew"Edit


"Journey to Xilbalba"Edit

When Tom returned Ben went to see him with Hal at the Liberty Tree. Ben was surprised to see Tom wasn’t hurt. Ben joined Hal and Tom to go see Matt, Tom told his sons how he was captured at the Pickett’s farm. Ben asked about the Picketts’ Tom told them they were gone when he got there. When he heard Anne and Lexi were in the same tower as Tom, Ben asked if he saw them and if they were with him. Tom told them they weren’t, Matt asked if they were ok, Tom told them weren’t. Tom told Matt to take the pain he was feeling and use it. Tom told them they were going to go after Karen, he said they’d grieve for Anne and Lexi when Karen was dead. As Tom left to talk to Weaver, Ben reminded Tom about his speech about hate. Tom told Ben that was a long time ago, and that hate was all he had left and he didn’t plan on wasting it. After the bomb went off, Weaver had Ben use his advanced hearing to tell everyone where to dig. Weaver asked Ben what he could hear, he said he couldn’t be sure. Weaver said hearing through 40 feet of rock was miracle enough. Matt later figured if they went through the storm drains maybe Ben could hear the people below better. They told Weaver who told them to do that. When he and Matt arrived at the storm drain, he thought he could hear better but said he couldn’t. Matt said he was worried, Ben said he was worried too that the others might be dead. Matt said maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, since Tom had changed, Matt believed Karen did something to him. Ben said Matt would change too if that happened to him. Ben said he didn’t want to let anyone die down there. Matt told Ben was the only one Karen couldn’t kill, Ben said he could die just like anyone. Matt said that whatever would happen, Ben would be there to see it. Ben said if Matt wasn’t there he wouldn’t want to be there either. Ben was still in the storm drain when he heard Maggie banging on a pipe. He called up to them and started banging on the pipe as well. Hal responded to them, Matt told him to stay there and that he’d go get Weaver and a crew to help. Hal said they were almost out of air, Ben said to open the pipe; Maggie yelled that she couldn’t, but with Hal’s help she was able to. She then pulled Hal over to get some air. Hal weakly said they got the pipe open. Ben sighed with relief and told them to hold on.



"Ghost in the Machine"Edit

22 days after travelling back to Charleston and safety, the 2nd Mass is finally near home. However, things are not so simple as the Espheni attack. As the Espheni is dropping large obelisks that create a grid that keeps everyone grouped together on the 2nd Mass forces, Tom asks where Matt is but does not know and is told to find him, however as they are separated, Ben grabs Lexi and runs off with her to safety along with Lourdes and Maggie.

4 months pass, after the attack from the Espheni, and Ben wakes up in a bed, suffering from a brain injury when he tried to protect Lexi. As he opens his eyes, a girl walks up to him and says that he finally awake, when Ben stands up Maggie runs up to him and explains what has happened and shows him around Chinatown. He runs to a girl, he thinks is Lexi, then Lexi says to Ben "Don't you remember your own sister". Ben becomes agitated as he is confused and he notices Alexis's necklace and ask her what it is, to which she replies unity, confused he asks her who she means and she calmly replies "the three of us". Lexi then comforts Ben and tells him that she is protecting him now instead of the other way around. Confused by the situation, Ben tells his half-sister that they should find Hal and the other family members, but Alexis promises Ben is safe in Chinatown. As Maggie is showering, Ben walks up to her and asks her if she has stopped fighting the Aliens, and Maggie mentions that they don't need to fight, and they just need to follow Alexis' orders, and mentions a situation when a Mega-Mech found Chinatown, and Alexis gave the order not to shoot at it, then a bolt of lighting came from the sky and struck the Mech, and Maggie shows him the Mech which is now melted into the floor.

"The Eye"Edit

Lexi sits at a pond of water, and sits and watches the water. Outside Ben and Roger are seen watching her, and Ben asks him what she is doing, and Roger replies that she is meditating and getting away from her followers. Ben asks what they want from her, and Roger replies "everything", as they think she's god. Roger says that he's glad Ben's here, so someone can tell her the truth that she's dying, since she looks like he's 21, however she is technically 1, and her growth spurts are random so Roger does not know how long she can last. Ben then walks past the line of followers, and goes to visit Lexi, and speaks to her; Ben tells Lexi to stop talking like a fortune cookie, and Lexi starts to uncontrollable use her powers, but is calmed down and talked into having a blood test. Later after Roger takes the blood test, Lourdes walks in, gets angry and tries to take the blood test away from Roger, however Lexi starts again using her powers, and accidently destroys the blood. Later during the night after Lexi is resting, Ben speaks with Maggie. After noticing that Lexi has left, Ben follows her and finds out that she is speaking with an Espheni.



"Evolve or Die"Edit


"Mind Wars"Edit

At Chinatown, Anne speaks to the captured Espheni, as he speaks through Ben. The two speak about Lexi, and Anne asks what he wants with Lexi. While speaking, Ben's nose starts to bleed, as a Espheni is more of a challengene to connect to. As the Monk disconnects from Ben, Maggie catches Ben as he starts to collapse. Maggie later goes to check on Ben, but Ben soon starts screaming in pain and he falls to the ground. Maggie realises that he is connected to the Monk who is being punished for answers about healing Lexi; Maggie lifts Ben's shirt to find that the pain is also hurting Ben as much as the Monk. Ben starts calling out "flowers", and Maggie goes and tells Anne.

"Door Number Three"Edit


"Saturday Night Massacre"Edit


"A Thing With Feathers"Edit


"Til Death Do Us Part"Edit

In this episode Maggie has trouble with her spikes. Ben tells Hal and Maggie that he can help her. That he went through the same thing. Ben and Maggie are standing on a pile of rubble. Maggie gets frustrated because her body is in pain. She tells Ben that she can hear Pope's loud voice and Sara's shrill voice. Ben tells her that she needs and will be able to tune everything out. Ben tells her that the jump off the rubble should be easy. The two jump off the rubble, this excites Maggie. Maggie ask how Ben isn't jumping off roofs all the time. He tells her that that in the beginning he did all the time. Though when he realized that it was freaking people out. Later that day Maggie and Ben are training. Maggie is jumping around using her new abilities to shoot. At the end Maggie ask "How do you like me now?" Ben say "I like you a lot" This causes their spikes to glow. Maggie charges Ben and they kiss. Hal see's this from a far. Maggie apologizes for kissing him. Ben tells her not to be sorry. Maggie tells him that she never felt like this before, before the spikes. She loves Hal, but the feeling is something she's never felt before.

Hal is pushing rubble when he passes by Ben. He stops and ask her how everything is going. Ben tells him that it's good. Hal then asked if Ben heals fast, he tells him yes. This causes Hal to punch Ben square in the jaw. He tells him that he couldn't believe that his brother would kiss his girlfriend.

"Drawing Straws"Edit

In this episode, Ben is first seen trying to make amends and apologize to Hal about kissing Maggie. Ben tells Hal that it's the spikes, that there's something going on. Hal ask if Ben likes Maggie. Later, he is drawn to be Tom's partner to go to the moon and destroy the Espheni Power Core.


Season 1 appearances
Live and Learn The Armory Prisoner of War Grace Silent Kill
Sanctuary (Part 1) Sanctuary (Part 2) What Hides Beneath Mutiny Eight Hours
Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon


Tom Mason

During Season 1, the relationship between Ben Mason and his father is relatively good. Tom actively tries to shelter his son and keep him away from the fighting. During the 3 month absence of his father at the beginning of the second season, however, Ben takes on a greater role in the resistance and in general becomes more independant. Upon the return of his father, Ben has lost the innocence afforded by his father's earlier protection.

Hal Mason

Ben's relationship with his brother is rather complicated and while close, the two fail to find common ground throughout much of the series. Despite the apparent tension between the two, Hal displays great care for his younger brother, although his reaching out is generally met with much dismay due to Ben's troubled self-image. In season 4 the two of them start to have a fall out. A love triangle starts to form between Hal, Ben and Maggie. This causes the brother's relationship to become fragile. Hal ends up punching Ben for kissing Maggie. There is great tension between the two of them before Ben sets off in the beamer. During the send off Hal is not seen. When Ben boards the beamer Hal is standing on the other side of the beamers. He tells Ben that he forgives him even though Ben admits that he likes Maggie. The two of the make up causing Tom Mason their father to become happy.

Matt Mason

Not much is known about Matt Mason and Ben Mason's relationship with each other, as Matt is not yet a central story character. However, in the brief interaction presented thus far, Ben clearly cares for Matt and is very protective of him. At times Ben confides in Matt over complicated personal issues before telling his father Tom Mason or his older brother Hal Mason. This occurs, for instance, in episode 15 when Ben shares with Matt his tentative plans to leave the 2nd Mass without confiding in anyone else.

Captain Weaver

In general, Ben Mason interacts with Captain Weaver as a soldier might interact with his commander. On several occasions during the second season, he opens up to the Captain to a greater extent. After the death of his friend Jimmy, he symbolically returns Jimmy's compass to Weaver and breaks down, crying on the captain's shoulder.

Captain Weaver initially is more ready than Tom to acknowledge Ben's abilities and utilize him in combat. When Tom returns from captivity, Weaver explains to him that Ben is often "the the job."


Ben and Denny were first seen together jumping off a ledge in the episode On Thin Ice Denny calls Ben "Benny" to which Ben does not like. Ben and Denny are known to be good friends, and have a close relationship. They have been known to hang around and talk most of the time. Ben and Denny often talk about their spikes and are also battle partners. Both Denny and Ben often joke with each other and compliment each other. It can be seen that Denny cares deeply for Ben, as when she arrives to Chinatown she immediately hugs Ben.


In season 1-3 there isn't a lot of information on them. Ben and Maggie are good friends because they share connection between Hal. In Season 4 when they get split apart Maggie and Ben are in China Town together. Throughout the the season the two become close. They feel like they are only sane ones. As time passes by Ben finds himself getting closer and closer to Maggie. Ben has a dream of him and Maggie in bed together making out. There's a knocking at the door and Hal opens the door. This causes Ben to wake up to find Maggie knocking on the door. Later in the season Maggie gets paralyzed and Ben offers to implant his spikes into her back. Ben helps Maggie get use to her new spikes. At night the two of them were training, testing her new shooting abilities. Their spikes light up causing the two of them to kiss. After this the two of them avoid each other for a little while. Ben gets picked to go up to the moon in the beamer. Maggie finds Ben in the beamer, the two of them end up kissing. This causes Hal to find the two of them,


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