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Ben Mason
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Benji (Deni)
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Tom Mason (father)
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Hal Mason (older brother)
Matt Mason (younger brother)
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Anne Glass (step mom)
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Benjamin "Ben" Mason is the middle child of the Mason family. Prior to the first season, he was captured by the invaders and harnessed. He is recaptured by the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment at the beginning of the series and reassumes a prominant role in the resistance. Despite having the Harness removed, Ben continues to feel its residual effects.  He has superhuman senses as well as greatly enhanced strength, stamina and agility, and he can  communicate/translate with Skitters.  However, the residual parts of the harness make him vulnerable to manipulation by enemy Skitters and Espheni at close range, and it is theorized that if the spikes are not eventually removed he will die in less than a decade.


Sometime after the initial invasion while Tom and his family were getting ready to leave their house, Ben was over at his friend Nick's house. It is believed he was captured by the Skitters there and later harnessed.

However, in the Falling Skies comic, Ben and his father and brothers were scavenging for food in Boston when they stumbled upon a hospital led by Anne Glass, who was treating the wounded injured by the alien attacks. Tom met a few men who were off to meet up with Colonel Porter, eager to organize the 2nd Mass. Tom initially declined the invitation to join, wanting to only fight when he had to. Soon a beamer flew over the area, oblivious to the survivor's presence. A couple of the militia men shot at it, which attracted a group of skitters and mechs. The aliens attacked the survivors, killing most of them.

Tom sent Hal, Ben, and Matt to Hal's friend Nick's house for them to wait out the attack. Soon after the boys departed Ben was separated from his brothers. Hal and Matt continued on to Nick's house, hoping that Ben had made it there. When they didn't find him, they went back to the scene of the attack, thinking that Ben had joined back up with Tom. When they discovered that he was not there, either, they waited, hoping Ben would find his way back. 

After many hours, the survivors had to move on. Tom joined the militia men in finding Porter out of anger at Ben's capture. Tom swore to himself that he would find his son.

Months later while Hal was scouting a road, he noticed Ben among a group of harnessed children, later reporting this to his father.(Live and Learn)


Prior to the alien invasion, it is revealed that Ben Mason was a good student; he is refered to on several occasions as having been a "math geek." At the onset of the series, the effects of the harness have turned him into a semi-mindless drone working for the skitters.

The removal of the harness generally sees his return to a former self, albiet wearied from the effects of war and the death of his mother. Throughout the first season he maintains a lighter personality despite the darkness of the situation consuming the 2nd Mass. One of the major themes of the second season is Ben's personal transition into a darker and more serious character as a result of his growing anger and confusion.

Ben's personality changes drastically following the disappearence of his father at the end of season 1. The lack of a father figure allows Ben to step forward and take on the role of a fighter in the resistance. By the time that Tom Mason returns to the 2nd Mass, it is clear that Ben has lost the naivety that had been afforded by his fathers previous attempts to shelter him.

Additionally the mistrust and alienation that many among the 2nd Mass place in deharnessed children weighs heavily on Ben's character. This, and perhaps the growing psychological effects caused by the maturing harness, have caused him to seek solace in his own anger. This anger serves as his sole motivation for killing the enemy, and at times he has put himself and others at risk in order to satiate his desire to kill.

That said, Ben cares deeply about his family and friends. A prominant theme with his character is the struggle to understand the balance in his life between anger and love. While his anger drives him to kill, he is deeply upset for instance after the death of his friend Jimmy .

In the third season, Ben seems to have partially recovered from his dark personality in the second season. He is more carefree and not so bent on killing every skitter he sees, though he still does fight. He seems to have made peace with his spikes, and likes being a person people can count on because of them. He still does not, however, enjoy being a ' freak.'

In On Thin Ice Ben had showed a love towards the manga "Black Butler" also known as "Kuroshitsuji". While talking to another friend, Deni, he talked about some of the characters. He said it was based in the 19th century [England], had a 12 year old earl (Earl Ciel Phantomhive), had a butler (Sebastian Michealis), and had Grim Reapers (Undertaker, William T. Spears, Grell Sutcliff, etc.). Then he said to Deni that "it was a manga."

In At All Costs, Ben is given the opportunity to be rid of the nucleus of the Harness that dwells in his body. This means that he will lose his physical augmentations and his connection to the skitters, two powers that make him useful to the human resistance. At the same time, losing his spikes will stop the name calling and more importantly, prevent him from dying prematurely from the damage the nucleus is doing to his vertebrae. Deciding that the pros outweigh the cons, Ben keeps the it in his body. This whole process Ben goes through shows that he feels an overwhelming need to feel useful, whatever the cost happens to be, and that he has an addiction to the power the nucleus grants him.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Quotes Killing

Weaver - "What in hell were you two doing out there, Ben?"

Ben - "Hunting skitters."

Tom - "What were you and Jimmy doing hunting skitters, Ben?"

Ben - "They put spikes on my back, they killed mom, they killed everyone...I 
     need a reason?"

Weaver - "Like we don't see enough combat, you have to go looking for it?"

Ben - "Till every last one of those things is dead...yes."



Ben - "Wanna know my secret... to make sure they can't control me? Hate. 
     I hate what they did to me with all my heart and soul.  I hate that
     they turned me into a freak."
Tom - "You're not a freak."
Ben - "Better hold on to your hate dad.  If you can do that, it doesn't matter
     what they've done to you.  They won't be able to change you inside."
Tom - "You're right. Hate is a very powerful emotion.  And I hate them too.  
     But if all you've got left is hate, then they've already changed 
     you.  It wasn't my hate that kept me going the last couple months. 
     It was my love.  For you, and for Hal, and for Matt."
Ben - "Got to go..."

(Shall We Gather at the River)

Physical ProwessEdit

Prior to the harness, Ben Mason never exercised and was noted to be physically underwhelming. The harness stimulates rapid growth in his body and following its removal, Ben has extraordinary strength and endurance. He is shown doing hundreds of pushups and jumping rope for several hours.

Hal notes that "Swimming across a river is nothing for Ben. Since those spikes, he can run for miles without breaking a sweat. He has ears like a jackrabbit and can see like a hawk."(Shall We Gather at the River, 10:56) He uses these abilities to become an accomplished figher for the 2nd Mass.

Ben can also pick up the radio waves that are used by Skitters to communicate. He uses this ability in season 1 to help the resistance jam skitter communication and fend off an oncoming attack.


Tom Mason

During Season 1, the relationship between Ben Mason and his father is relatively good. Tom actively tries to shelter his son and keep him away from the fighting. During the 3 month absence of his father at the beginning of the second season, however, Ben takes on a greater role in the resistance and in general becomes more independant. Upon the return of his father, Ben has lost the innocence afforded by his father's earlier protection.

Ben: I've seen the way everyone looks at me... Hal, Matt, even you.
Tom: No.
Ben: Yes.
Tom: No.
Ben: Fine, whatever.
(From: Season 2, Episode 3 - Compass)

Tom: There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish and prey that your mother
     was still alive. And it, um, sucks.  It really sucks. Sometimes you think
     that you can't even go on. Except you don't have a choice but to go on.  
     And the good news is that we have each other to get through a lousy 
     situation.  The bad news is that it's...
Ben: It's a lousy situation.

(From: Season 2, Episode 3 - Compass)

Hal Mason

Ben's relationship with his brother is rather complicated and while close, the two fail to find common ground throughout much of the series. Despite the apparent tension between the two, Hal displays great care for his younger brother, although his reaching out is generally met with much dismay due to Ben's troubled self-image.

Matt Mason

Not much is known about Matt Mason and Ben Mason's relationship with each other, as Matt is not yet a central story character. However, in the brief interaction presented thus far, Ben clearly cares for Matt and is very protective of him. At times Ben confides in Matt over complicated personal issues before telling his father Tom Mason or his older brother Hal Mason. This occurs, for instance, in episode 15 when Ben shares with Matt his tentative plans to leave the 2nd Mass without confiding in anyone else.

Captain Weaver

In general, Ben Mason interacts with Captain Weaver as a soldier might interact with his commander. On several occasions during the second season, he opens up to the Captain to a greater extent. After the death of his friend Jimmy, he symbolically returns Jimmy's compass to Weaver and breaks down, crying on the captain's shoulder.

Captain Weaver initially is more ready than Tom to acknowledge Ben's abilities and utilize him in combat. When Tom returns from captivity, Weaver explains to him that Ben is often "the the job."


Ben and Deni are good friends. Not much is known about their relationship, but they connect over their spikes and are battle partners.


Ben Mason's weapon of choice in season 2 is a Heckler & Koch G36K

Put picture from here: [1]

Note: For detailed information on guns used in Falling Skies, go to IMFDB.

Role In Skitter UprisingEdit

Ben's role in the rebel skitter uprising is still relativly unknown however during the season Finale of Season 2 its revealed that Ben is Red Eye's goto guy not only for talking through him but having Ben make other humans understand the rebel skitters intents and purposes.

Its also shown breifly that Red Eye cares for Ben much like Tom cares for Ben. This is illustrated when Hal locates where the rebel skitters are holding out near the Charlston compound and Red Eye confronts Hal by blocking the way to Ben. And also during Red Eye's death where he puts his arm around Ben as he dies and communicates to Tom to keep fighting.



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