Assassination Attempt on Tom Mason


Assault on Washington, D.C.

Black Hornet Assault on the Norfolk Base


Invasion of Earth




Norfolk, Virginia


2nd Mass/14th Virginia victory


Global Resistance



Tom Mason



2nd Mass
14th Virginia

Massive swarm of Black Hornets



Many Black Hornets


The Black Hornet Assault on the Norfolk Base was an attack by Black Hornets on the 2nd Mass and 14th Virginia's base in Norfolk, Virginia. It was a minor skirmish that was quickly won with minimal casualties, but was also the second to last battle of the war.


Having located the Espheni Queen at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. through Ben Mason's use of the Espheni Shadow Plane device, the 2nd Mass and the 14th Virginia prepared to set out for Washington, D.C. where they'd meet up with other militias from the Global Resistance and attack the Queen. Knowing that the Shadow Plane could possibly be used to track them, Colonel Daniel Weaver had it destroyed rather than take it with them or risk it falling back into enemy hands. As they are about to leave, a massive swarm of Black Hornets appears, drawn either by the destruction of the Shadow Plane device or its use.


Soon after they are spotted, the Black Hornets begin attacking the humans of the base, hitting them with human bombs they had gotten their claws on. Despite this, the humans were better organized and armed and began slaughtering the Black Hornets with their superior weapons. Wanting to help, Marty rushes out to join the fight, but before he can fire, a Black Hornet impales him through the chest with its tail, mortally wounding him. As Colonel Weaver comforts a dying Marty, the survivors of the Black Hornet swarm retreat without a further fight.


Following the attack being repelled, it is decided to stay at the Norfolk Base for another night rather than leave immediately as had originally been planned due to the danger of it being night soon and running into the Black Hornets again on the road. As a result, the 2nd Mass and the 14th Virginia are still at the base the next morning when the 4th Maine arrives, giving them more reinforcements. They are also delayed long enough to learn that due to a massive defensive wall around the Mall where the Lincoln Memorial is located a direct assault won't work and they change their plan to a diversionary attack by the other militias while Tom Mason leads a strike team directly to the Espheni Queen.

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