Brandon Pope
FS Character
Seasons Season 1 (mentioned)
Season 2 (mentioned)
Season 3 (mentioned)

Origin Florida
Age Teens
Occupation School Student (Pre-Invasion)
Family John Pope - Father †
(Unnamed) - Mother
Tanya Pope - Sister
Billy Pope - Uncle †

Brandon Pope is John Pope's only son. He was residing in Florida when the invasion began.



"Search and Recover"Edit

5 years before the invasion, Brandon and his father were working on a mini-bike, and when Brandon went for a test run in the street he was almost run over by man. As this man had done this multiples times before, John took Brandon and went to speak with the man. The two argued, and John punched the man, which caused him to bleed out. Pope was later sent to prison for manslaughter.


Brandon's last known location was with his mother and sister in Florida. His current status is unknown.

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