Brenda Gruit
First Appearance Falling Skies, Chapter 2
Last Appearance Falling Skies, Chapter 3

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Late 20's
Occupation Soldier (Post/Pre-Invasion)
You idiot! There are--traps.
— Brenda to a civilian before being exploded.

Brenda Gruit was a female soldier and good sniper that was part of the 2nd Mass.


Graphic NovelEdit

Brenda was a marksman and part of Daniel Weaver's own unit. She was present inside the building when the spot Hal, Matt and Karen outside the camp being attacked by aliens, and when Weaver led a successful ambush on the aliens. She was killed when a civilian attempted to enter a grocery store which had been booby trapped by the Skitters, setting off a bomb. The impact of the bomb sent her to the floor, and broke both of her legs and died soon after. Her death shocked both Captain Jameson and Weaver.


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