FS Character
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Pope Breaks Bad

Origin Inca, Peru
Age Unknown
Occupation Professor
"I've been trying... anyone... with... great deal of...Alien activity... Ly gone...Location? (...) Very good. Americans. I do hope you have a plan... Americans always have a plan. I'm so..."
—Cecily speaking to Dingaan.[src]

Professor Cecily is a survivor of the invasion sheltering at SETI installation.


Season 5Edit

"Pope Breaks Bad"Edit

Dingaan Botha finds a communications truck with a short-wave setup and begins to try and contact survivors. Dingaan speaks in any languages and finally someone comes in contact. A woman over the radio begins to try and speak with Dingaan, and asks if he can speak English. Cecily introduces herself, mentioning her location being at the SETI installation in Inca, Peru, near the Bolivian border. Cecily uses the SETI's powerful satellite to make communication, mentioning alot of alien activity has been occurring. Cecily asks for their location, however her connection soon cuts off.

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