Falling Skies
Chapter One
Falling Skies
Episode Guide
Chapter 2

This is Chapter 1 of 5 of the Graphic Novel.



Tom Mason and his sons are scavenging for food while a group of Skitters and Mechs arrive and they first discover that they are taking children. Back at the makeshift camp, Tom meets Anne Glass and helps her with a patient with a broken leg. Three militia men soon talk to Tom, before a group of fighters on watch shoot at an airship, attracting Mechs and Skitters. The survivors scramble with many being gunned down by Mechs and killed by Skitters. The Masons runs towards Nick's house, where the Masons are separated and Ben is taken by the aliens. With his son now missing, Tom talks with one of the militia men who gives him a gun and convinces him to join the Massachusetts.




  • 12 survivors (on-panel)

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