Falling Skies
Chapter Five
Falling Skies
Episode Guide
Chapter 4
Season 1

This is Chapter 5 of 5 the Graphic Novel. This is the story right before "Live and Learn" begins.



The group try to escape the building before mechs arrive, however it is too later and Tom, Hal and a few other fighters have to stand their ground. Two blocks away Reed and Alexander are enjoying fighting the aliens, however Reed is overpowered by a skitter and killed. The aliens soon leave Alexander for an unknown reason, the Alexander looks up to see that an airship is dropping a bomb straight on-top of him. Jameson signals Tom to follow him, however a mech rams through an alley garage and crushes Jameson. Weaver and his fighters yell out to Tom to climb the fire escape, and they do so while the fighters distract the aliens. Weaver signals Abe to detonate a bomb, which buries the mechs and skitters. Weaver soon tells Tom and his group to gather food and that's were the TV Series begins, with "Live and Learn".


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