Connor Jessup
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Connor William Jessup
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth date
June 23, 1994
1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Connor Jessup was born in Toronto, Canada. He was born June 23rd, 1994 and is 5ft 11". He plays Ben Mason, Tom's middle child.



In 2012, Connor had the main role in the movie "Blackbird" where he acted as Sean Randall. In 2014 he will have a role in the upcoming movie "Skating to New York" where he stars as Casey Demas.


In 2007, Connor took part of the show "The Jon Dore Television Show", where he had the role of a "Bat Throwing Kid #3" in the episode "Jon Gets Scared". Later in 2008-2009, Connor got a lead role in the children's television series "The Saddle Club", where he starred in 27 episodes as Simon Atherton. In the show "King", Connor Jessup stars as Ben Moser in the episode "Eleni Demaris". As of 2011, Jessup stars as Ben Mason in the TNT science-fiction series Falling Skies, executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

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