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Dornia homeworld








Current State:



The Dornia


The Dornia homeworld was the home planet of the Dornia species before they were attacked by the Espheni.


While the planet is still unnamed, Red Eye claims that the Dornia homeworld was much like Earth in regards to its atmosphere, diversity of life and amount of water cover.

Its current status following the Espheni invasion is unknown, but it can be assumed that their homeworld is much different now than it was prior to the Espheni's invasion.


Over 1000 years ago the Espheni came into conflict with the Dornia species in another galaxy. The Espheni's war effort was an initial success, as a large amount of the Dornia species were enslaved into being mindless slaves through the creation of the first harnesses. A large amount of Dornia survived, however, and launched a devastating counteroffensive against the Espheni, resulting in the beginning of a drawn out war as the Espheni subsequently were forced to flee their/the Dornia's home galaxy. The Dornia who became Skitters have been used by the Espheni as ground troops and guards for centuries, but not all Skitters are mindless slaves, some have been able to break free of the Espheni control and have created a resistance that has been ongoing for a century.

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