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Doug Jones
Doug Jones
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Birth date
May 24, 1960
3, 4 & 5

Doug Jones is an American actor. He is well known for his various roles in science fiction and fantasy films. He plays Cochise, a commander of the Volm in Falling Skies.[1]


Doug Jones known mostly for his work under prosthetic makeup, such as the zombie Billy Butcherson in the Disney Halloween film Hocus Pocus. Doug Jones has performed without prosthetic's in such films as Adaptation, Mystery Men and Batman Returns. Doug Jones currently has over 130 credits for appearing in many different films and TV Series', with and without prosthetic makeup.


  • In the episode "Strange Brew", he can be seen without makeup as one of the professors in the university lounge.
  • Doug Jones is the first villain to appear in both CW's Arrow and The Flash, reprising his role as Meta-Human Deathbolt, Jake Simmons.

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  1. 'Falling Skies' casting: Sci-fi fave Doug Jones joins the show]

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