Actor Jason McKinnon
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Everybody Has Their Reasons

Allegiance 14th Virginia
Age Late 20's
Occupation U.S. Military Lieutenant
"I stitched him up. Everything was fine."
—Emmett to Anne about Trevor.[src]

Lt. Emmett is a survivor of the invasion and soldier in the 14th Virginia.


Invasion of EarthEdit

Emmett was a military lieutenant and possible doctor prior to the invasion. During the second year of the invasion, Emmett made his way to the last standing naval base in Norfolk and became a member of the 14th Virginia, fighting the aliens and collaborators. It is possible his current role is to help the injured in the infirmary, as he has knowledge of all medications in the infirmary, and stitched up Sgt. Trevor Huston after he was shot.

Season 5Edit

"Everybody Has Their Reasons"Edit

After the arrival of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, their resident doctor Anne Mason comes down to the infirmary to help the injured. Trevor Huston is checked out by Anne, has his stitched wound has became infected. Emmett tells Anne that he stitched him up, and everything was fine. Anne asks Emmett what kind of antibiotics they have, in which Emmett tells her that their cupboards are empty. Anne tells Emmett to find her maggots, so that she can use them to eat away the dead tissue.


Season 5 appearances
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