Espheni-Dornia War


Thousands of years before 2015-2015


  • Espheni home galaxy
  • Milky Way galaxy


  • Pyrrhic Victory
    • Espheni wiped out
    • Dornia nearly extinct




Dornia (Shoot the Moon)


Espheni forces

Dornia forces



All but one extinct


The Espheni-Dornia War was an intergalactic conflict between the Dornia and the Espheni.

According to the Volm, the Dornia was the first race that the Espheni attacked during their intergalactic expansion. After defeating the Dornia, the Espheni mutated a large amount of them into a race of slave-soldiers known on Earth as Skitters via harnesses. They would repeat this process against all the species which they would later enslave, using the original design of the Dornia mutation as a basis for transformation and enslavement. The Volm, and many other species in the universe, believe the original Dornia to be extinct due to their initial loss in the war against the Espheni.

However, the Espheni themselves have revealed that the Dornia are in fact not extinct and have been pursuing them for over a thousand years across two galaxies, appearing to be greatly afraid of what those they consider to be 'the Great Enemy' could do. Espheni commander Scorch once told Tom Mason that the Dornia were the reason that the Espheni had been made to leave their own galaxy and try to find other planets for resources and species to enslave to fuel their war machine, such as the Volm homeworld and Earth itself along with hundreds of other inhabited worlds. While an unknown number of Dornia survived initially, there is only one left by 2015.

In 2015, as the Espheni war machine was severely crippled on Earth by the human resistance, surviving members of the Dornia arrived to the outer fringes of the Solar System and then later Earth and, through indirect and later direct communication with the resistance leader Tom Mason, influenced the humans to show no mercy in their fight against what remained of the Espheni, apparently using the guerrilla militia as a proxy force to destroy their age-old enemies while building a weapon which they intend to use to cause an extinction-level event against the Espheni and their forces. The Dornia who had aided Tom Mason appears to him to give him the weapon it has created, a biological weapon that when used against the Espheni Queen, will destroy the species. The Dornia explains to Tom that its actually the last of its species and wants to honor the Dornia by destroying the race that wiped them out. The Dornia weapon proves to be potentially fatal to the human race as well, but Marty manages to modify it so that it affects only the Espheni, making it an effective weapon in the ongoing war to defeat the Espheni. In an assault on Washington, D.C., Tom succeeds in using the weapon on the Espheni queen, killing her and wiping out the Espheni.


Its unknown what the Dornia survivor did after her race was avenged, but at the behest of Tom, she resurrected Anne Mason who died in the final battle.

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