An Espheni Jamming Device was a device[1], that was under construction by the Espheni in command of the Eastern United States.


Some time after the 2nd Mass leaves the hospital, the Overlord began construction on this device. At some point the Skitter Resistance found out about the it. They brought what they knew to the 1st Continental Army, since they couldn't attack it themselves because their Harnesses would be detected.

Eventually the 2nd Mass infiltrated the jamming device, and were getting ready to destroy it when they were ambushed and Dai was killed. Soon they were captured by the Espheni commander and Karen Nadler. Karen and the commander started torturing Weaver, Hal and Tom for information on how they found it. At first they were resistant, but Tom gave in when Karen threatened Anne, who was revealed to Tom to be pregnant. However the Skitter Rebellion arrived and came to the aid of the 2nd Mass. They were able to quickly defeat the Skitters loyal to the Espheni. Red Eye engaged the Espheni commander, but was killed, Tom took an Unidentified Skitter Weapon and struck the commander repeatedly, killing him. The jamming device was later destroyed.

Soon after the destruction of the device, the true reason for its existence was revealed: to keep the Volm from landing on the planet and helping the humans.


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