Espheni Queen's daughter
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Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Reborn (mentioned)

Gender Female
Allegiance Espheni
Occupation Espheni warrior
Family Espheni Queen - Mother †
Overlords - Brothers †
Cause of Death Killed by primitive humans

The Espheni Queen's daughter was the daughter of the Espheni Queen and the leader of an earlier invasion of Earth.


1,500 Years AgoEdit

After discovering the existence of Earth, the only inhabitable planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Espheni Queen chose to send an invasion force as the planet was of immense strategic importance. This invasion force was led by her daughter, the Espheni Queen's greatest warrior. The Queen's daughter and her force underestimated the primitive humans who defeated them. The Espheni Queen's daughter was killed and her remains devoured by primitive humans to strengthen themselves. After the failure of the invasion, the primitive humans depicted the invasion attempt and their victory through the Nazca Lines.

Following the death of her daughter, the Espheni Queen was grief-stricken and enraged. The Espheni Queen swore to return to Earth one day with "a thousand times" the force her daughter had and get revenge on humanity for her death.

In 2011, the Espheni launched the Invasion of Earth, due both to their war with the Dornia and the Espheni Queen's need for revenge.

Season 5Edit


When confronted by Tom Mason in the ruins of the Lincoln Memorial, the Espheni Queen telepathically shared with him the story of her daughter and the failed invasion 1,500 years before. After the Espheni Queen revealed her motivation to be revenge for her daughter's death, Tom was shocked by the revelation but told the Espheni Queen she had learned nothing from her daughter's defeat and that humanity had been provoked when they killed her daughter.


Killed ByEdit

  • Primitive Humans

During her failed invasion of Earth, the Espheni Queen's daughter was killed by the primitive humans and her remains devoured.


  • In the images shown to Tom Mason by the Espheni Queen, her daughter is depicted as being pierced in the heart by a spear when she is killed and her head being chopped off and hoisted on a pike.

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