Espheni Youth Camps are recent areas isolated by the Espheni collaborators. The first known camp is in Charleston, South Carolina, where Tom Mason's son, Matt has been captured and taken to. It is shown that they take multiple kids at once, and capture them, place them in trucks then drive them to the camp. The camp is kept contained by Skitter guards, Team leaders and chain fences. The Team leaders are young men and women, that have already graduated and have been trusted by the Espheni. They believe that the Espheni did not start the war and only want peace. The Team Leaders show no mercy and will hand in any survivor from the outside. Team leader Kent Matthews once proudly stated that he turned over his own mother to the Espheni.

Children and teenagers are brought to the camp, and kept isolated in classes with collaborators that show the children videos, and brainwash the kids. When they are fully brainwashed, the kids graduate and are sent into the wilderness to use the skills they learnt in the camp, to first find family then find refugees, escapees or militias. When found they raise the white flag until they are trusted, the child then blows a whistle, which calls a Beamer down around them. After the Beamer sends a bomb, Team Leaders from the youth camp go to the location armed, subdue the survivors then bring them down to the youth camp to give to the Espheni.

Some time after the escape of Matt Mason, elements of the 2nd Mass and the Volm entered a skirmish with seven Team leaders, including Kent Matthews after Mira discovered the group at a Volm supply cache. The supply cache was destroyed, but Kent and three others were killed. The other three Team leaders were stunned and its unclear what happened to them. After this fight, the Espheni may have given up on this plan as Mira was later seen to be Harnessed on Scorch's Beamer.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Youth CampEdit

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