The Espheni fuel depot was a power plant used to fuel all the Mechs and Airships on the east coast.(Collateral Damage)


Previously known as the Waconda nuclear power plant, it was converted by the Espheni sometime after the invasion to provide fuel for all their Mechs and Airships on the east coast. The Espheni sent in harnessed children in to work the plant. Due to the radiation the children were hideously deformed and many died only to be cast aside by their Skitter overseers.

Seven months after the Volm landed the Global Resistance received a report from the Skitter Rebellion about the fuel depot's location. With the expertise of Dr. Roger Kadar the resistance was able to safely destroy the reactor, denying the Espheni Mega Mechs and Airships that were to be used in their upcoming assault on Charleston, South Carolina.


Dr. Kadar pointed out that if the reactor was improperly destroyed it would leave the state uninhabitable for 24,100 years.

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