The Eye in the Sky is an Espheni mothership hovering over the Charleston, South Carolina ghetto.[1]


The Eye in the Sky is a dirigible-like craft designed by the Espheni. It is meant to keep watch on prisoners residing in Espheni prisons and ghettos. It is equipped with weapons should the prisoners "get out of line". The craft has an energy tether that powers the ghetto walls and view screens inside capable of being manipulated by standing in front of them and moving your hands in the direction you wish the view to move.


After the Espheni Ghetto's have been created, motherships which hold and Espheni Overlord hover over the ghetto to keep an eye on the ghetto survivors. The Overlords look at monitors inside the eye which monitor the ghetto, to provide an eye in-case the survivors try to escape or break the rules.

The Eye in the Sky crashed.

Scorch who monitors the Charleston ghetto discovered Vagrant, a ghetto stealing food so sent down a Black Hornet to carry him into the sky to the mothership.

After the Ghost starts to emerge, Scorch cuts off food supply to the Charleston Ghetto and demanded the Ghost turn himself over. When Tom Mason did so, he was taken aboard the Eye in the Sky where Scorch explained the Espheni plan through a human mouthpiece and made a deal with Tom. While Tom was on the ship, Hal Mason led a mortar attack against it, doing little damage. However, it served the true purpose: the attack drew out the Skitter guards from where they were clustered, allowing Tom to discover their location on the ship's view screen. He was also able to learn that the power tether came from the ship and severing it would bring down the ghetto walls.

After John Pope severed the tether, the Eye in the Sky could be seen flying away with the broken tether trailing behind it.

After the Espheni Power Station was destroyed, the Eye in the Sky crashed to the ground, having no power to keep it in the sky.


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