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Falling Skies is a science-fiction television series following resistance fighters who are part of a group known as the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment. The main focus is on Tom Mason, a former Boston College U.S. History professor, now a widower forced to raise his 3 sons Hal, Ben, and Matt in a post-apocalyptic invasion by aliens known as the Espheni.

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  • 3

    Favorite Mason (Includes Anne). Comment below, two votes each.

    1. Tom Mason.

    2. Hal Mason.

    3. Ben Mason.

    4. Matt Mason.

    5. Anne Glass.

    6. Alexis Glass-Mason.

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    Better Layout Idea?

    July 14, 2014 by Kovarro

    Kovarro here, I noticed that characters like Tom or Anne, are supposed to have a lot of information on their pages, so I think we should propose a new layout for character pages so it's easier to read and navigate.

    Instead of making tiny subheadings …

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    Hello fellow FS wiki users. Due to the continued inactivity of the founder and bureaucrat User:Sheckdiesel13, I have decided to request the adoption of bureaucratic rights to greater help this wiki grow and remain active. Please leave your thoughts …

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