Fighter 6
Actor Steve Chang
Seasons Season 2
First Appearance Worlds Apart
Last Appearance A More Perfect Union

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Early 30's
Occupation Fighter (Post-Invasion)

This fighter is a member of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment.


Season 2Edit

"Worlds Apart"Edit

After the group failed to ambush the Espheni troops, this fighter walks up to the group with Weaver and two other fighters. When Tom wakes up from his surgery, after accidently being shot by Ben, this fighter is seen talking to some fighters, and when Tom starts shaking the 2nd Mass residents hands, she walks up to Tom, greets him and shakes his hand.

"Shall We Gather At The River"Edit

This fighter is briefly seen walking around camp.Later, when the convoy is crossing the bridge during the night, a Beamer flies over and this fighter starts shooting at it. He makes it to the over side of the bridge alive.


At the new airport carrier camp after Avery Churchill's arrival, he listens to her when she talks to the 2nd Mass. After Jimmy Boland's death, he listens to Weaver's eulogy about him. Later that night he leaves the airport camp.

"Young Bloods"Edit

When Diego's group arrives, he watches them as the enter the camp. He watches as the 2nd Mass kids and Diego's group play kickball, and cheers when Matt scores a point.

"Love and Other Acts of Courage"Edit

As Tom Mason arrives to the camp with the Red Eye skitter, this fighter holds off the civilians so that they keep their distance.


At the new hospital camp, he attends a meeting with Weaver, Tom, Dai and a few other fighters; as Weaver collapses from the Harness bite, he stands up in shock, after the incident he listens to Tom's speech about leaving for Charleston for Weaver, but they cannot as they have ran out of fuel. When the Berserkers bring back much fuel, he helps unload it from the back of the truck.

"Molon Labe"Edit

After Karen's escape, she alerted the Espheni where the 2nd Mass where camped, and he protects entrance of the hospital. He witnesses Karen being escorted into the hospital. When they use the captured Espheni leader as a decoy, he gathers his supplies, and the next morning on the road he looks over maps with Weaver and other fighters.

"Death March"Edit

The next week on the road to Charleston, when they arrive to Charleston, the bridge that leads them into it is demolished. As he walks back to the convoy, he starts a camp fire on the road and listens to Weaver's speech before being found by Jim Porter.

"The Price of Greatness"Edit

When Porter finds the 2nd Mass on the road, he brings them to the underground mall where his group the New United States have been residing. As they enter, he is served food, and later argues about the 2nd Mass being split up and handing in their guns.

"A More Perfect Union"Edit

After the team comes back from destroying the Espheni weapon, he cheers as they walk into Charleston.


As he has not seen since "A More Perfect Union", it is assumed that he was killed sometime later while fighting the Espheni.


Season 2 appearances
Worlds Apart Shall We Gather at the River Compass Young Bloods Love and Other Acts of Courage
Homecoming Molon Labe Death March The Price of Greatness A More Perfect Union
Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil
Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon


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