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Battle of Fitchburg

First Assault on Boston
FS Mothership


Invasion of Earth




Boston, MA


Espheni victory, Boston Mothership slightly damaged



2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment


Espheni commander

General Jim Porter
Captain Daniel Weaver



Weaver's team


Several Airships

Almost all Resistance fighters
Lt. Danner


The First Assault on Boston was an attack planned by the resistance forces against the massive structure that the skitters had built above the cities. The Massachusetts Militia as well as the other resistance forces in other cities were to strike a coordinated assault against the Skitters and the Overlords. This attack was planned in part by Commander Porter.

The combined Massachusetts Militia groups were supposed to rendezvous outside Boston and launch a combined assault on the structure. However when the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment arrived at the rendezvous point they found no one else had arrived. Captain Weaver decided to split his force up into 4 parts, one to attack each leg. However all of the attacks were stopped before the resistance could reach the structure. Tom Mason arrived to find John Pope protecting a wounded Anthony, he helped Pope to the car he took so Pope could take Anthony to the 2nd Mass. He later found Weaver regaining conciousness and Gibson dead. He used Pope's mech-metal RPG round to shoot down an Airship, which crashed into one of the structure's hangars causing some damage to the interior of the structure. The assault was ultimately a failure for the resistance.

Over a year later, Gen. Porter revealed that he took part in the attack as well, but also failed.


The Resistance left Massachusetts soon after this failed assault. The 2nd Mass would return over one year later and launch another assault against the Mothership, this time with their allies, the Volm. The Second assault would be successful, accomplishing the objective of the first assault, destroying the Mothership.


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