Gerald Donovan
Actor Michael Hogan
Seasons Season 3
First Appearance At All Costs
Last Appearance At All Costs

Allegiance United States
Age Late 50's
Occupation U.S Military General (Pre-Invasion)
Cause of Death Killed by Espheni forces.[1].

Gerald Donovan was a command-level officer in the United States military.


Season 3Edit

"At All Costs"Edit

At some point Cole Bressler served under General Donovan. During the invasion Donovan stayed with President Benjamin Hathaway at Keystone. When Tom Mason, Gen. Bressler, John Pope and Cochise arrived General Donovan and his men met them. When they saw Cochise, Donovan ordered Cochise be taken away despite Katherine Fisher and Mason explaining he was an ally. He was only stopped by the arrival of the President. He ordered a team stay with Pope while he stayed with the plane. He was part of the meeting with Tom and the President and questioned the Volm's plan for after the war was over.

Sometime later advance scouts reported in that Airships were heading for Keystone. Donovan quickly found the President with Tom and informed them, when asked how, Donovan subtly blamed Tom. When Tom called him out they started to argue but were interrupted by the president saying they had to leave. He gave the rendezvous coordinates to Gen. Bressler but told him to follow in close formation just in case. Donovan had Cochise accompany the President, despite Tom's disagreement. Gerald Donovan along with the other soldiers were all killed by the Espheni forces which apprehend Keystone.


Season 3 appearances
On Thin Ice Collateral Damage Badlands At All Costs Search and Recover
Be Silent and Come Out The Pickett Line Strange Brew Journey to Xilbalba Brazil



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