Actor Harrison MacDonald
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Everybody Has Their Reasons
Last Appearance Stalag 14th Virginia

Allegiance 14th Virginia
Age Early to mid 20's
Occupation U.S. Military Private
We don't side with traitors!
— Grey to Marty.

Private Grey is a survivor of the invasion and soldier in the 14th Virginia. Pvt. Grey is loyal to the 14th and follows all orders he is given.


Invasion of EarthEdit

Grey was a military private in the U.S. Military prior to the invasion. During the second year of the invasion, Grey made his way to the last standing naval base in Norfolk and became a member of the 14th Virginia, fighting the aliens and collaborators.

Season 5Edit

"Everybody Has Their Reasons"Edit

Grey speaks with Marty after the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment arrive to the naval base. Grey questions Marty about shooting Daniel Weaver, and gains information that they are working with a Volm, Cochise. Grey later attends the get together with the soldiers and some members from the 2nd Mass. After Grey learns about Ben Mason's spikes, Grey takes two other soldiers to take him prisoner, however Grey and the soldiers are outmatches as he has the spikes, and Grey is knocked out with a punch.

"Stalag 14th Virginia"Edit

Grey informs Katie Marshall about the two 2nd Mass fighters attacking Zak Kagel, and is ordered by Marshall to find them. Later, Grey and a few other soldiers stop the loyal 2nd Mass fighters from going to see the Masons. When Marty states that they shouldn't be fighting each other, Grey says the 14th don't side with traitors. At the execution for the Masons and Demarcus Wolf, they line up at the firing line and Grey begins to put the hoods on their heads. Grey seems hesitant when he is about to place it over Ben's head, as the emotion he shows and Ben pleads with him not to, however Grey does. The execution is stopped by the 14th's resistance, and do not shoot on the order. Grey watches the death of Katie Marshall.


Season 5 appearances
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