Seasons Battle of Fitchburg Graphic Novel
First Appearance Battle of Fitchburg, Ch.1
Last Appearance Battle of Fitchburg, Ch.3

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Mid 20's

Griffin was a fighter in the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment.[1]


Battle of FitchburgEdit

Shortly before the Battle of Fitchburg when the Skitters and Mechs were closing in on the 2nd Mass, Captain Weaver sent Griffin, Hal Mason, Maggie, Stubbins, Henry, and others on a patrol to find a hole in the enemy lines. Later, the patrol was forced to take cover when Airships started to fly over, Griffin sarcastically thanked Weaver for sending them on another dangerous mission. When the Skitters and Mechs attacked the patrol in an alley, Griffin panicked.


Griffin killed by Skitters

Hal and Maggie found a way out but Griffin decided to make a stand in the alley with some of the others and was quickly killed by skitters.


  1. Battle of Fitchburg, Chapter 1, P.28

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