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Falling Skies
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The International Gallery is a brief set of pages which illustrate art by many different artists around the globe. The gallery shows the invasion around different parts of the world, 11 countries such as Spain and Australia.



The International Gallery shows the invasion all across the globe in countries like Spain, England, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The art shows the aliens initial and post invasion, with people and armies trying to fight back. The art also shows the aliens destroying certain landmarks, and harnessed kids.



  • Diego Latorre - Spain
  • Duncan Fegredo - England
  • Juan Ferreyra - Argentina
  • Francisco Ruiz Velasco - Mexico
  • Felix Mertikat - Germany
  • Romano Molenaar - Netherlands
  • Peter Bergting - Sweden
  • Yuanqing Yang - Singapore
  • Sho Murase - Japan
  • Jung-Guen Ydon - South Korea
  • Wayne Nichols - Australia