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Jeanne Weaver
Jeanne Weaver
2, 3
First seen
Appeared in
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Also Known As
Baby Bear, Jeannie
Date of birth
Date of death
Family members
Daniel F. Weaver (Father)

Linda Weaver (Mother) deceased

Sophia (Sister) deceased
Portrayed by
Laci J. Mailey


Jeanne Weaver is Daniel Weaver's older daughter.


Jeanne is Captain Daniel Weaver's oldest daughter. Her father and mother separated a year before the invasion and her mother got engaged again. At some point there was an attack in their neighborhood, she and her mother were supposedly in a nearby house that got destroyed by an Airship. Weaver searched the wreckage but couldn't find any trace of her or her mother and assumed they were dead. However, in What Hides Beneath, he found his ex-wife's glasses in his house, that hadn't been there before, it made him hopeful that his ex-wife and daughter are still alive, somewhere.

It was revealed in Young Bloods that Jeanne was surviving with a group of children. Hal and Ben brought the leader of the group, Diego as well as Jean back to the 2nd Mass. A teary reuinon with her dad soon followed. Yet after a series of disaggrements and Weaver's own temper led to her joining her friends to rescuse their captured friends. The rescue attempt ended in failure Jeanne was nearly harnassed herself before being saved by the 2nd mass and her father. After this she left with her friends in hopes of avoiding future alien attacks.

It is eventually revealed that a few days after departing her group was ambushed by skitters, and after waiting a while she was the only survivor. Remembering her father's words that Charleston was a resistance hideout she went there. Eventually after sometime she had another reunion with her father when he and the 2nd mass arrived at Charleston. She is also one of Arthur Manchester's most vocal critics.

The 2nd Mass eventually decided to leave Charleston. Weaver saw Jeanne getting ready to leave with them, initially he was resistant feeling she was safer in Charleston. However she was able to convince him saying she didn't want to lose him again and that it was better than waiting for him to come back.(A More Perfect Union)


  • Captain Weaver used to take Jeanne and Sophia hunting in the Berkshire Mountains.


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