Jeff Wu
Actor Jefferson Wu
First Appearance Falling Skies, Graphic Novel
Last Appearance Eight Hours

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Early 20's
Cause of Death Killed by Mech's
The posters and the freedom trail got us to Paul Revere's old house, and Karen was waiting there to guide us the rest of the way, but.. what if the skitters can read English?
— Jeff Wu to Porter.

Jeff Wu was one of the first member's of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment.


Graphic NovelEdit

Jeff Wu was a friend of Anthony and Click, meeting after the invasion. The three of them saw the posters of the 2nd Mass and that's where the "freedom trail got them". They went to the old house of a guy named Paul Rever, where Karen Nadler was waiting for new survivors. Then she guided Jeff Wu, Anthony and Click the rest of the way but Jeff was afraid that the skitters could the English words on the posters.

Later, Jeff, Dai, Tom Mason and Grenice out on a mission to find Alexander Vlensa, an old friend and colleague of Tom. They found the building in which Vlensa used to live and collected the weapons he has stored in his apartment.

Season 1Edit

"Eight Hours"Edit

Jeff Wu was one of the fifty fighters to join Daniel Weaver in the attack on the Boston Tower. Jeff Wu is seen in the back of the cargo truck with John Pope and Anthony. Jeff Wu listens to Weaver's speech, and is put into squad 1 to attack the North leg, however it was confirmed that squad 1 where they first to be taken out when a mech blew up their convoy, with no survivors, except for one, Chris Warner who confirmed it before dying.[1]


  • Jefferson Wu is a fan of the show Falling Skies won a walk-on role in Falling Skies at this 2011's San Diego Comic-Con[2]
  • Although not confirmed, it is assumed that Jeff Wu, the character was based off Jefferson Wu, the winner for the walk-on role.




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