Actor Daesha Danielle Usman
Seasons Season 4
First Appearance Saturday Night Massacre
Last Appearance Saturday Night Massacre

Allegiance Alexis Glass-Mason
Age Late 30's
Cause of Death Gunned down by a Mega-Mech.
Joy and Lexi's followers gunned down.
When they see that we mean no harm we will be spared.
— Joy to Dingaan

Joy was a resident of Chinatown and a follower of Lexi. She was killed during the Espheni attack on Chinatown.


Season 4Edit

"Saturday Night Massacre"Edit

When the Espheni troops started to approach Chinatown, Joy and many other of Lexi's followers wanted to show that they mean no harm, Dingaan Botha tried to convince them to leave, however failed to do so. When the Mega-Mech approached them, it massacred all of Lexi's followers, including Joy.


Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon

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