Keith Arbuthnot
Keith Arbuthnot
Vancouver, Canada
Birth date
Actor & Puppeteer
2, 3, 4 & 5

Keith Arbuthnot is a Canadian actor. He was the original actore for whom the skitter suit was built in 2010 and is resposability for the performances of numerous skitters throughout the five years of the series. Characters like Red Eye and Rebel Skitter Leader as well as numerous others. He was also the Espheni Scorch, voiced by Mark Gibbon and his the Espheni Monk as well as the Black Hornet.


Keith Arbuthnot mentions that there are harnessess built into the suits that provide comfort that allowing him to support the suit and its legs that are usually puppeteerd by outside performers sometimes numbering as many as four. For the facial movements, the suite had two puppeteers manipulating the face by remote control. One for the eyes and eye brows and the other for the mouth movements. The head consists of an integrated skull cap shapped to his head allowing more comfort an also allowing him to move more freely.

Keith has said that he tries to give every character it's own unique personality.


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