Actor Noel Johansen
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Non-Essential Personnel
Last Appearance Non-Essential Personnel

Allegiance John Pope
Age Early 40's
Occupation Fighter (Post-Invasion)
Cause of Death Shot in the head by John Pope.
Ken shot in the head.
Can he walk? Can he fight or not?
— Pope before shooting Ken.

Ken was a survivor of the invasion, formerly living in a Espheni ghetto until the power station was destroyed. Ken joined John Pope's Crew after being saved by Pope, and is also killed by Pope.



Ken was a captive of an Espheni Ghetto located 30 miles outside of Charleston, South Carolina. After the Espheni Power Station was destroyed, the walls of the ghetto went down, Ken and a group sheltered in a house, within the former ghetto.

Season 5Edit

"Non-Essential Personnel"Edit

After skitters discover the location of the survivors, they are attacked in the house, however the group fends them off. Ken uses planks of wood to protect the windows of the house. After Isabella, Drew, Rob and Beth leave, the skitters follow. Two men in a bronco save the foursome after the skitters circle them. One of the men, Anthony goes to the house which are sheltering the survivors and convince them to come back to their base.

Ken and the other survivors are brought to the man's base, where he introduces himself as John Pope, along with Anthony, Zack and Nico also with him. The survivors including Ken are questioned by Anthony, to see if they are fit for the group. Some are kicked out, however Ken is fit to fight and is welcomed to the group, being handed a rifle. Rob, Drew and Beth are regarded as non-essential personnel and are kicked out. Ken takes watch on top the Lois Lane bowling alley, and gives Pope a thumbs up as he enters the alley. During the night, a Black Hornet attacks the group, and it attacks Ken, breaking his ankle. Isabella tries to help Ken, but is questioned by Pope. As Ken cannot fight, Pope shoots him in the head, saying "no liabilities".


Season 5 appearances
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