Actor Brendan Meyer
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Respite

Age 15
Occupation Student
Family Willie - Grandfather
Grandmother †
Alicia - Mother
Father †
Zach - Brother
Jessica - Sister
"Hey, Kyle. You remember when you asked me what the best thing was? Stay here. That's the best thing. Look at them. I'm telling you, the bravest thing that you can do is stay here and protect them, the people who love you. This is what we're fighting for. We're gonna win this war. We're gonna rebuild America. There's gonna be a lot of battles yet to come, and they're gonna need to be fought by strong families led by strong men."
Tom Mason to Kyle.[src]

Kyle is a survivor of the invasion and is currently living on a farm with his family, safe from the war, and was shielded from what is happening in the world by his mother and grandfather.



After Kyle's dad died in Afghanistan, it triggered his mother Alicia to move to Willie's farm.

The Invasion of EarthEdit

Kyle lives on an 1000 acre farm, with no major roads or neighbors. The reason the aliens haven't attacked is the tree coverage, and to survive they trap rabbits, squirrels and catch crawdads in the creek to eat, and get water from the spring. His grandfather owns a gas generator on the farm, and was big on stockpiling before the invasion hit. Willie and Alicia have kept the war away from the Kyle and the kids, however Kyle has suspicions and knows his family is lying to him. Kyle is being home-schooled by his mother.

Season 5Edit


Kyle returns to the house are searching a highway, finding a case of beer. His mother argues with Kyle about him missing dinner. During the argument, Alicia cuts her hand on a jar. Tom Mason helps by showing Kyle how to wrap a bandage, however is overwhelmed by the blood. Tom later finds Kyle drinking beer and smoking. Tom tells Kyle smoking hasn't been cool since the Nixon Adminstration, in which Kyle is revealed as he hates the taste. Kyle asks Tom what is actually happening, however he does not answer, and in anger Kyle leaves. The next day Kyle packs his belongings and leaves the house. When Tom finds Kyle, he is observing a Mega-Mech, and Tom gives Kyle the answers on what is happening, the aliens and the war. Kyle states that he wants to fight in the war like his father. When Tom prepares to leave, he tells Kyle what is best to stay, and to protect his family, in which Kyle understands.


Season 5 appearances
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