I lost a friend today. And her sacrifice is an all too familiar reminder that every single day matters. Every single one of us matters. Every single one. Tonight, we will inscribe on the leaves of this tree the names of your loved ones who have fought and fallen, those who have died and deserve our remembrance. And so, like my friend, they'll live here, on the Liberty Tree, forever.
— Tom Mason's dedication speech

The Liberty Tree is a memorial developed by Jeanne Weaver and constructed by the citizens of Charleston, South Carolina.


The Liberty Tree is a memorial for all those lost during the invasion. Loved ones place personal effects of the branches in honor of them.

Known HonoreesEdit

  • Rebecca Mason- honored by 2 leaves, one from Tom with her name, and one from Ben labeled Mom, and a bracelet Matt found on a woman he buried while looking for Anne and Alexis
  • Linda - honored by the glasses Weaver found in their old house
  • Jimmy Boland
  • Lee Tedeschi - honored as "Crazy Lee"
  • Sam Glass- honored as "Sammy"
  • Click
  • J. Morvin
  • Kyle T.
  • Rose J.


There is a quote from Abraham Lincoln on a stone placed in front of the Tree, which is an excerpt from a letter he wrote December 2, 1863 to New York City's mayor George Updyke about honoring brave soldiers.[1]



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