FS Character
Seasons Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 & Season 5 (mentioned)

Family Daniel F. Weaver - Ex-Husband
Jeanne - Daughter †
Sophia - Daughter †

Linda is Daniel Weaver's ex-wife. Linda and Daniel split up right after the girls got to high school.


Linda was Captain Daniel Weaver's wife. After every one of Jeanne's volleyball games Linda would take Jeanne out for ice cream even if she lost. They separated right after the girls got to high school, due mainly to his control and anger issues, she got engaged again some time later.

At some point there was an attack in their neighborhood, her fiancé was killed during the attack, she and Jeanne were supposedly in a house down the street that got destroyed by an Airship. Weaver searched the wreckage extensively but couldn't find any trace of them and assumed they were dead. However, in What Hides Beneath, he found her glasses in his house, that hadn't been there before, it made him hopeful that his she and daughter were still alive, somewhere.

Season 2Edit

"Young Bloods"Edit

It was revealed by Jeanne that she died of a stroke, Jeanne and Captain Weaver simply remembering how she always forgot to refill her medication, they had to do it for her.

Season 3Edit


She was later honored by Dan and their daughter Jeanne Weaver at the Liberty Tree by hanging the glasses that Dan found in their old house on one of the branches.

Season 5Edit

It is mentioned by Daniel Weaver that the two split after the girls got into high school.

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