This is a list of all locations mentioned or shown in Falling Skies.


Location's Image Location's Name Information
[[File:|250px]] New York City New York City is a major city, and the largest city in the United States. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth. Over 2 years after the invasion New York City was listed as a possible site to attack one of the Motherships.
[[File:|250px]] Paris, France Paris is a major city and the capital of France. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth.
[[File:|250px]] Chicago, Illinois Chicago is a major city in Illinois. There are Resistance fighters that are stationed in Chicago. Over 2 years after the invasion Chicago was listed as a possible site to attack one of the Motherships.
[[File:|250px]] Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville is a city in northern Florida. Over 2 years after the invasion Jacksonville was listed as a possible site to attack one of the Motherships.
FS Mothership Boston, MA Boston is a major city in Massachusetts. The city is the home to one of the Espheni towers. During Season 3, the tower was shot town using Volm technology.
Cochisemarina Boston University Boston University is a university located in Boston, MA. Before the invasion Tom Mason was an American History professor at Boston University. Alexander Vlensa was also a Math professor at Boston University.
Mason-House-Strange-Brew Mason House The Mason house is located in Boston, MA. It was used for the first few days of the invasion for shelter. The Mason house is still standing, however has been looted after the invasion.
South Boston South Boston South Boston was destroyed by a single airship many weeks after the invasion of Earth.
Alston Allston, MA Allston is a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, located in the western part of the city. When the invaders attacked, he aided in the defense of his hometown of Allston.
[[File:|250px]] Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona is the largest and capital city of Arizona. 6 months after the Invasion of Earth, a large number of civilian and military attempted a last stand in Phoenix. The Espheni forces in the area wiped them out and destroyed the city.
MPoint Marblehead, MA Marblehead is the location where the 10th Massachusetts Militia Regiment are based under the command off Anderson and second in command Jeffries.
[[File:|250px]] Dover, MA Dover is a town in Massachusetts. At some point during their travels the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment raided a food store in Dover.
[[File:|250px]] Watertown, MA Watertown is a city in Massachusetts. In the city was a food distribution warehouse that the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment scouted for possible supplies. Tom Mason chose to raid the food distribution center, it turned out to be a trap and where attacked by a skitter and mech.
[[File:|250px]] Winthrop, Massachusetts Winthrop, Massachusetts is a town where Karen Nadler grew up.
[[File:|250px]] Acton, MA Acton, Massachusetts is a city in Eastern Massachusetts, holding many bases which the 2nd Mass used.
JFK HS John F. Kennedy High School John F. Kennedy High School was the HQ and home of the 2nd Mass. It is located in Acton, MA. They had located in the school for several weeks before leaving.
JunctionTHSS Acton Armory The Acton Armory is a location in Acton, MA. Sometime after leaving Boston, the 2nd Mass was in need of ammunition, they decided to use the nearby armory to get weapons, but were ambushed by Pope's Gang.
[[File:|250px]] Stockton People from the Acton area were taken by the skitters to a camp in Stockton, after the children were taken and harnessed, the rest of the camp's population were killed by Airships.
[[File:|250px]] Gloucester, MA Gloucester is a city in Massachusetts. Tom Mason lied to Sonya Rankin telling her that the 2nd Mass where headed that in that direction.
[[File:|250px]] Somerville, MA Somerville is a city located about 5 miles northwest of Boston. The 2nd Mass traveled to Somerville to loot a motorcycle store.
Sanctuary2 The Sanctuary The Sanctuary was the hideout of the 7th Mass. It was a ranch located in a secluded forest, left alone by the aliens in exchange for Clayton handing over children to be harnessed.
[[File:|250px]] Fitchburg, Massachusetts Fitchburg, Massachusetts is a city in central Massachusetts. Four weeks after the First Assault on Boston, the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment were trapped by Espheni forces. They two sides engaged in the costly Battle of Fitchburg.
[[File:|250px]] Vermont Vermont is a state in the northeastern U.S. Vermont held a resistance group led by Bonnie Garcia, but the Espheni killed Bonnie, leaving the group with no leader.
[[File:|250px]] Michigan Michigan is a state in the United States of America. Tom Mason was set free here by Red Eye in Worlds Apart. Tom finds a map in a glove compartment and simply says to himself "Michigan". We are never shown any identifying landmarks from Michigan, such as Detroit, but it seems to be largely depopulated.
[[File:|250px]] Framingham Correctional Facility The Framingham Correctional Facility for Women is a prison in Framingham, Massachusetts. Maggie was sent there after being arrested for robbery, it was here she found out she was 3 months pregnant. She gave birth to a son, but he was quickly taken by Social Services.
[[File:|250px]] Waverly, Virginia Waverly, Virginia is the location of William Harrison General Hospital where the 2nd Mass stopped on their way to Charleston.
WilliamHospital William Harrison General Hospital William Harrison General Hospital was a hospital, most likely named after U.S president William Henry Harrison in Waverly, Virginia. It was a temporary base of the Second Mass after the invasion.
8361 4 Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina is a city in South Carolina, which briefly served as the capital of the new United States. In Season 4, it was converted to be used as a ghetto by the Espheni to contain human adults.
8df3237371789d45b3b58d47699ab273 The Nest The Nest is a bar in Charleston, South Carolina owned by John Pope.
FallingS3E03 01 Badlands The Badlands is the area surrounding Charleston, South Carolina that is not secured by the Global Resistance.
[[File:|250px]] Mechanicsville Mechanicsville is a town somewhere outside Charleston, South Carolina. When Tom Mason learns that Anne Glass and their daughter Alexis Glass-Mason are missing. He learns from Paint Face that they were taken by Karen Nadler to Mechanicsville.
[[File:|250px]] The Pickett Farm The Pickett farm is a piece of land owned by Duane Pickett. His family hid out in the farm, staying out of the alien's way. Aliens inhabited the farm, leaving the families fate unknown.
Hathaway Keystone Keystone is a secluded air base in the mountains located somewhere in New York or Pennsylvania. The President, Benjamin Hathaway and many forces were located here. It is unknown it it is still standing, as aliens attacked.
[[File:|250px]] Brazil Brazil is a country in South America. Shortly after the arrival of the Volm reinforcements, the commander ordered the human resistance to be relocated to Brazil.
Chinatown4 Chinatown Chinatown is located in Savannah, Georgia. It was a safe zone protected by Alexis Glass-Mason. Chinatown was a safe zone, however is now a wasteland after it was destroyed by Espheni forces.
Scorch-TheMonk Shadow Plane The Shadow Plane is a means of telepathic communication for Espheni over long distances.
S04e06 197 Anne's House Anne's house is shown in a flashback. Anne, her husband Lee and son Sam Glass sheltered inside during the invasion. One night, a mech attacked killing her son and husband.
[[File:|250px]] Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona is the second-largest city in Arizona. It holds one of the largest resistance groups, the 1st NIX.
[[File:|250px]] Davis-Monthan Airforce Base Davis-Monthan Airforce Base is a military structure 5 kilometers outside Tucson, Arizona. 2 days after destroying an Espheni outpost, the 1st NIX made there way to Davis-Monthan to resupply their ammunition.
Australia Australia Australia was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth. Australia was mentioned to have a resistance group still fighting, but the Espheni are occupying the Victoria Barracks.
DC Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. is a major city and the former capital of the United States. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth. It was the location of the biggest Espheni base on the planet after the destruction of the Espheni Power Station and the Espheni Queen resided here. The final battle of the Invasion occurred here and the planet was freed when Tom Mason killed the Queen at the Lincoln Memorial using the Dornia bioweapon. Months after Earth is freed, humanity gathers at the Lincoln Memorial in the reclaimed Washington, D.C. to elect a new leader for a united humanity.
[[File:|250px]] Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan is a major city. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth. It is currently being jammed, like other major locations.
Russia Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia is a major city. It was destroyed during the Invasion of Earth. It is currently being jammed, like other major locations.
[[File:|250px]] Tiwanaku, Bolivia Tiwanaku, Bolivia is an archaeological site in western Bolivia, South America. It is a very remote location unlike the other locations, being jammed.
[[File:|250px]] Inca, Peru Inca, Peru is a location being heavily inhabited with alien forces. Professor Cecily confirms this as she is located within Peru.
[[File:|250px]] Norfolk, Virginia Location of the base of the 14th Virginia militia during the Invasion of Earth. After the 2nd Mass arrive in the city, they use the naval base held by the 14th Virginia as their base of operations as they plan the final assault on the Espheni in Washington, D.C.. When the militias finally attack Washington, the base is left staffed by a team led by Anthony.

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