Lt. Danner
Actor Diego Klattenhoff
Seasons Season 1
First Appearance Mutiny
Last Appearance Mutiny

Allegiance 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Age Late 20's
Occupation U.S. Military Lieutenant (Pre-Invasion)
Cause of Death Killed during the attack on the Boston tower.
When the commanding officer gives you an order you obey.
— Danner to Tom.

Lt. Danner is a fighter in the 2nd Mass. He is a trusted fighter as of his background in the military and volunteers to help take the fight to the Espheni, leading to his death.



Prior to the invasion Danner had a career as Lieutenant. He was in the 10th Mountain Division in the US Army. He saw duty in tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Danner recalls having a lieutenant who got four of his boys killed while just weighing he options. He was also one of the "lucky ones" on leave when the attack hit. He served as a courier between Porter the 2nd Mass.

Season 1Edit


Danner was brought to the 2nd Mass by Porter as he had military experience and was needed to help with the planning on the attack on Boston. Weaver, Danner and other trusted fighters are discussing the plan to attack the tower. Tom tries to speak with Wevaer however Danner tells Tom this is no Q&A. Danner was later ordered by Weaver to lock Tom in the boiler room. Seeing as Lt. Danner could not be reasoned with, they devised a plan that consisted of Jimmy walking down to the cell to give Tom food, only to drop it and cause a distraction, thus allowing Tom to escape. After a brief altercation between Lt. Danners and Tom ultimately wins, ties Lt. Danner up, and puts tape on his mouth. Lt. Danner was discovered shortly after this by Weaver. Lt. Danner later volunteers to go with Weaver to take the attack to the tower in Boston. He gets in the convoy and leaves the school.

"Eight Hours"Edit

Although unseen, Lt. Danner takes part in the attack on the Boston tower and is killed by the skitters and mechs.


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