Falling Skies
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Falling Skies
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Luck is a brief story consisting of eight pages, featuring the aftermath of the First Assault on Boston and after Tom Mason shoots the Beamer RPG, destroying the wing of the alien structure.



Tom Mason and Daniel Weaver check for any survivors from the 2nd Mass squads that attacked the Boston Tower. They first find the first squad's truck destroyed, with Thompson and Altman dead. The two hear a tapping before they find fellow 2nd Mass fighter Chris Warner, wounded after being show in the stomach by a mech, and he confirms that the first squad were killed when a mech shot the truck. Tom and Weaver try moving Chris and tell him to discuss a memory, and he tells the tale of when he met his wife Heather Thurswell. When the mech which was said to have been destroyed along with the truck uncovers under rubble, it stalls before shooting at the group. The three are pinned down and Chris sacrifices himself to destroy the mech after saying the aliens took Heather away from him, he pulls out an explosive and jumps at the mech and denotes the explosive.






  • Mark Nelson


  • Nate Piekos of Blambot

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