Actor Cainan Wiebe
Seasons Season 2
First Appearance The Price of Greatness
Last Appearance A More Perfect Union

Allegiance Skitter Resistance
Age Mid teens
Occupation Student (Pre-Invasion)
Cause of Death Killed by the 1st Continental Army.
Marshall after being shot.

Marshall was a de-harnessed teen fighting in the rebellion before being killed by the 1st Continental Army as of their lack of trust towards them.


Season 2Edit

"The Price of Greatness"Edit

Marshall was sent by Red Eye to Charleston to tell the 2nd Mass that he wanted to meet with the humans and work with them. Unfourtunately after telling them, he was locked up on Arthur Manchester's order along with the 2nd Mass. The 2nd Mass was able to escape with Marshall, but was recaptured shortly afterwards, this time with Colonel Porter, Tector Murphy, and Arthur Manchester, on the order of General Bressler, who betrayed Manchester.

"A More Perfect Union"Edit

Marshall was killed along with most of the other de-harnessed kids and rebel skitters on the order of General Bressler.


Season 2 appearances
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