MothBall Crop
Actor Hugo Ateo
Seasons Season 5
First Appearance Reborn
Last Appearance Reborn

Allegiance Ellis' Militia
2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment
Origin The Bronx, New York City
Age Late 30's
Occupation Fighter in the resistance (Post-Invasion)
Give me a break, what the hell's that gonna do?
— Mothball about the Dornia weapon.

Mothball is a member of a Mason Militia led by Enos Ellis.



Following the invasion, Mothball was originally living in Bronx, then was gathered by Enos Ellis. Under Ellis' leadership, Mothball and the militia survive the years of the invasion and upon hearing of Tom Mason's Global Resistance, joined it and the march for the planned assault on Washington, D.C..

Season 5Edit


As the 2nd Mass and the 14th Virginia prepare to depart their base for Washington, D.C., Ellis arrives with his militia on motorcycles, looking to join them. He is stunned that Tom Mason himself is among the men he meets as he thought they'd be further down the road to Washington, D.C., not knowing that they were delayed by a Black Hornet attack. Ellis offers his militia as Tom's back-up in the assault, and introduces him to JickJack and Mothball. Before they can leave, Tom is informed of a problem. Mothball follows Tom and his command staff into the Norfolk Base's command center and listens as they discuss the defensive wall and ways to get around it. Ellis, JickJack and Mothball demand to know the plan if he's going to help Tom and they explain about the Espheni Queen and the problem of the defensive wall. When Anne Mason shows the Dornian weapon they will use to kill the Queen, Mothball is in disbelief that it will actually do anything. Tom asks Ellis to lead his men in a diversionary attack on the wall with all the artillery they can carry so as to draw the Espheni forces away from the Lincoln Memorial and allow Tom's strike team to reach it, and Mothball joins Ellis' team. His fate is unknown, he may have been killed in action, as he does not appear at the ceremony in DC many months after the war ends.


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