Mpho Koaho
Mpho Koaho
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth date
1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Mpho Koaho is a Canadian television and film actor, on Falling Skies he plays Anthony, a former Boston cop.



Mpho began his acting career when Maya Angelou cast him as the lead in her 1998 Miramax film Down in the Delta. After he appeared in films such as The Salton Sea, Four Brothers, Get Rich or Die Tryin', and Saw III.

In 2009, Mpho was nominated to two Gemini Awards; one for his supporting role on the Canadian TV series Soul, and another for his guest role on the TV series Flashpoint.

During Falling SkiesEdit

Mpho portrays Anthony, a series regular on the TV series Falling Skies produced by Steven Spielberg, which began airing in June 2011. He has appeared in every season of Falling Skies.


Mpho Koaho wanting a story line for Falling Skies; about "maybe running into maybe my partner or something. Maybe somebody I knew at the academy, somebody that worked in my precinct. Something along those lines I think would be very interesting as back-story. I was even thinking maybe something along the lines of a girlfriend or a wife or something that we maybe run into."

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