FS Character
Seasons Season 3 (mentioned)
First Appearance Collateral Damage (mentioned)

Allegiance Global Resistance
Age Unknown
Occupation Teacher (Pre/Post-Invasion)

Mr. Hooper is a citizen in Charleston, South Carolina during the invasion.


Season 3Edit

"Collateral Damage"Edit

Mr. Hooper worked as one of the teachers in Charleston, Matt Mason, Markley, and Billy all saw his class as pointless. The three of them skipped his class one day to blow a hole in an abandoned house mocking him while doing so. After they were caught he revealed to Anne Glass that he had not done his homework in over a week and that he had not attended class for the past four days. A few days later Tom Mason convinced Matt to return to school, telling him when the war was over humanity would need people with skills to rebuild.

Season 4Edit

"Ghost in the Machine"Edit

When the 2nd Mass was returning to Charleston after 22 days, the Espheni attacked, deploying Mega-Mechs, Beamers, and Obelisks. With the 2nd Mass separated, most of the remaining survivors from the attack are being held in the Ghetto Camps in Charleston, run by the Espheni; leaving his fate unknown.

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