Nick Phillips
Actor Gil Bellows
Seasons Season 4
First Appearance Mind Wars
Last Appearance Mind Wars

Allegiance Unknown Group (formerly)
Age Mid 40's
Occupation Worker at Goldman Sachs (Pre-Invasion)
Family Cooper Marshall - Brother †
Alex - Nephew †
Josh - Nephew †
Cause of Death Shot in the chest by Cooper Marshall.
Nick shot by Cooper.

Nick Phillips was a survivor and the brother of Cooper Marshall. Nick traded his group into the Espheni for his brothers and own safety, however when Cooper discovered this, he shot and killed Nick.


Season 4Edit

"Mind Wars"Edit

Nick survived in a large group with his brother Cooper. When Nick was captured and taken to a Espheni farm, Nick make a deal with the Espheni, and gave up the location of the group, for his, and Cooper's safety.

Cooper and Nick survived on the road, taking supplies from shelters and farms. At one of their camps, Cooper and Nick are approached by Tom Mason, and when Tom introduces himself they let them rest at the camp, as they know he is the Ghost and think he is a legend. Nick spends the night talking with Tom, and tells him that he was taken to an Espheni farm, and mentioned that it must have been a beta test, as most of the survivors who were mutated, either died or were not fully mutated; he also lies, and tells Tom that he escaped when there was a explosion. Nick and Cooper take Tom hostage, after Cooper thinks that he kills both Weaver and Matt. On the road, Nick tells Tom that they made a deal and they are going to hand in Tom to the Espheni, as there is a large bounty on his head. Later, when they set up a new camp, they tie up Tom and Nick goes out for firewood. When Nick arrives back to camp, Tom asks him how he survived, saying that he made a deal with the Espheni to survive. This causes Cooper to question his brother, and Cooper gets a answer out of Nick, confirming that he made a deal and got his two sons killed. Soon after, Cooper shoots Nick in the chest.


Season 4 appearances
Ghost in the Machine The Eye Exodus Evolve or Die Mind Wars Door Number Three
Saturday Night Massacre A Thing With Feathers Til Death Do Us Part Drawing Straws Space Oddity Shoot the Moon


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